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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chi-Town Stand Up

One of my favouite ever mixtapes is Daft Punk's
essential mix they did in 1997. Its an ass slappin ride through Chicago ghetto house and filtered French disco that every home should own. One of the best tunes on it is this DJ shout out banger by Paris Mitchell. Amazing. Head over to Masala to get it.

Paris Mitchell - Ghetto Shout Out (Zshare)

And now for 2007 Chi-Town says its time to Juke dat.

Mimms & DJ Funk - This is why i'm hot (Zshare)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nice and Easy Jah

One of the most underrated reggae producers from the UK is Rebel MC. Right don't laugh. We all danced to Street Tuff at school discos and weddings but his productions go way deeper.

Just after after rave and before jungle in '92, the UK was deep into hardcore. Producers used the acid house bluprint added some sped up breakbeats, some rave stabs and ragga samples. A few of the biggest tunes were produced by Rebel MC on his Desire and Tribal Bass labels. His biggest tune was Tribal bass featuring vocals samples of Tenor Saw, Supa Cat and Barrington Levy. You might remember this as it had the Enya 'sail away' sample which has just been rerubbed in a Bagraiders Yo Majesty remix.

But for me, Wickedest sound is maybe the best thing hes done. Whenever I have played this people go crazy. He was way ahead of everyone by using sub bass before jungle broke. When you listen to his records you can really hear that he is basically a shockingly innovative reggae producer that decided to turn his hand to UK riddims like hardcore and jungle. Video here.

Rebel MC - The Wickedest Sound Don Gorgon Mix (Zshare)

He seemed to go off the radar till the late ninties when he started the legendary Congo Natty label. This was ragga jungle at its finest. Rebel MC tightened up the beats using sharp staccato drums and used massive Hip Hop breaks for intros and breakdowns. He banged out classics like Champion DJ and Fever every few weeks. He also got some some of the best UK reggae masters like Top Cat and Tenor Fly to do vocals. I used to go down to the basement in Black Market and they would always be playing his dubplates at ear bleeding volume. They still sound amazing and you can still buy them.

Congo Natty - R Kelly Dubplate (Zshare)

Congo Natty website

Monday, March 19, 2007

New Jack city

My Friday night was great. Reminded me how much wicked music you can hear in London.

First saw my pals Punks Jump Up at the Old Blue last mash up lots of dirty electro and rave. Get thier awesome new shouty single on Kitsune and download their new mix here.

Then went to Heatwave at the Pool Bar where they were hammering out plenty of bashment bombs. Mr.Vegas whine with it sounded amazing.

Then staggered to Protein house party/rave in darkest Shoreditch where I got to play lots of baile funk really loudly to a raptuous mangled crowd into the early hours. It was an absolute pleasure and I'd like to do it more. Shout out to Will Protein. Always a good night when you hear Double 99 & Top cat's Rip Groove' twice in a night. Duuuubbwiiiiiise.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Baby Bam Bam

I'm currently most curious about old school reggaeton. From the little i've heard, it has faster beats, occasional recognisable Hip Hop samples and high a pitched ragga DJ delivery. It borders on rave sometimes too, with quite a few tunes using acid noises and rave stabs which is always a good thing in my book. Maybe thats beacuase its from the early 90s. I dunno. Bizarrely this contains a sample from Kiss FM drivetime favourites Livin Joy's 'I'm a dreamer' & 20 Fingers 'You gotta lick it' ( remember that, ahem, classic ). As well as some 303 action and alot of whipping noises. Its good.

Principal - El Latigo (Zshare)

Speaking of which. Whats with whipping thing and reggaeton. I'm guessing its nothing to do with Ghostriding or horses.

Andy Boy - Latigo (Zshare)

It seems like Playero, DJ Joe & Don Chezina and others were the club kings of San Juan back then. You can hear some of these banging dem bow'd mixtapes streamed by Lansky ( not Brixton Lanky, shout out to the wee man anyway ).

Alot of this earlier perreo often has more energy than the current stuff but sort of slips on the song construction and tunes. Its a bit like grime or Hip Hop in its early years. Back to Basics. Mics, rhymes and drum loops. I'm not saying its better than the new stuff, I just like the energy and the flow. Feels like reggaeton was pretty heavily influenced by the late 80s-early 90s rap & reggae of the day. And now its evolved into something pretty different with a stronger latin identity. The DVD El Documental will tell you much mas. In the meantime here are some more party starters :

Hecto & Tito - Azotalo (Zshare)

Don Chezina - Muevete Toda La Noche (Zshare)

And like Wayne & Wax said doesn't this sound like old school reggaeton ? Give or take the Pujabinglish and Vindaloo references.

Apache Indian - Chok There (Zshare)

Thursday, March 08, 2007