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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Funk in Public

Portugal based DJ and producer Rui de Janeiro has been making baile funk for a few years now. He is one of the few producers outside of Rio that is making the real funk business. He travels to Rio regularly to catch up on funk carioca action. I had a little chat with him.

VAMANOS : Hi Rui. Whats up today ?

RUI: Hi Vamanos. I'm enjoying these rainey european sundays, working and preparing for next week.

VAMANOS : You live in Portugal but spend alot of time in the Rio funk scene. How does this help you making funk tracks?

RUI: When i'm in Rio, I feel like a kid , seeing and touching everything. Beacuse I'm Portugese I understand the language. Rio is like a huge Portugal in the summer.

VAMANOS : London is starting to get a few club nights going. Is there a funk scene in Portugal ?

RUI: Last summer the clubs started playing funk, but I started dropping it about a year ago and got a pretty strange reaction from the crowd. Then in the summer all clubs joined in the funk-wave and saturated everyone with that sound. Now you've got to improve on funk, because people don't need to hear Atoladinha or Glamourosa anymore. But there's still a healthy funk scene.

VAMANOS : So you've been making some very hot funk tracks recently. When did you first get into funk ? Tell us about the old days when you first heard funk in Brazil ?

RUI : It was six years a go in Rio. I was in my cousin's car and he put on a funk cd. First I heard some massive bass and a huuuuuuuuuuuuge kick drum doing a bouncing rhythm. I felt the Euro-techno power fusing with tropical-brazilian-samba bounce. it was really strange. It really new and mad strong but for the Brazilians was like a celebration. They've had funk for 10 years. For me was new. I instantly became a fan.

VAMANOS : Kuduro is getting big now too and people are looking to Lisbon for an explosion of Kuduro music. Are you feeling it ?

RUI: Yes, people in Lisbon have been into kuduro for a long time. Buraka Som Sistema are doing the best kuduro. They're improving that afro style using techno and ghetto breaks. It's like the rio funk. There was the first kuduro explosion some years ago and now there is an improvement on old kuduro. Its like the new school that never forgot the old school. Just like in funk from Rio de janeiro.

VAMANOS: Do your tracks get played in Rio ?

RUI: I really don't know. Alot of friends and djs have my songs and I know that people are banging to my stuff in Miami. But i'm just not sure about Rio. I think that some of my friends played one of my tracks.

VAMANOS : What kind of tracks are you working on ? Any plans to work with some funk MCs/DJs ?

RUI: I'm working on a track that will be a gift for, the king, Mr.Catra. He is my biggest inspiration, and i'm working on a new tune that combines early disco with brazilian funk madness. My dream is to have a Rio MC working with me, but its not easy being 10 000 km away. I usually ask some myspace MC's to send some acapellas. Then I work on that. But I really want to work in personally with an MC. If you're brazilian and you're an MC please send me one of your acapellas, I will be very glad.

VAMANOS: The internet has spread this music crazily across the world. What do you think about all the bloggers jumping on funk ?

RUI: I love it when i wake up everyday and go to the computer, and there are some more new friend requests, new comments, new messages. It's really good. I've been a musician since early 90's and it was so hard to get other people to hear listen your stuff. Now it's so easy, and if you work with a dance style like Rio funk there are hundreds of people jumping on your blog/myspace monthly. It's great. Thank you to all of my new and old friends.

VAMANOS: What other artists are you into at the moment ?

RUI: I listen to alot of funk daily. It's like studying for school. But i'll never forget my kings of dance music, Barry White and JK. I also listen to loads of techno from 90's. I'm nostalgic. Alot of Happy Mondays. I listen to old Rio funk MCs Serginho and Buchecha & Claudinho. I never only listen just to funk. I like dropping records from the 70's, 80's and 90's in the middle of the funk tunes.

Thanks Rui. Now bring the pain.

DJ Rui de janeiro - Bonde do Gemido (Z-shrare)

DJ Rui de Janeiro.vs.Bonde dos Saradinhos - T Ligado Remix2006 (Z-share)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Don't mess with Kuduro

Holding it down in Canada, Guillaume and the Ivory Temple crew on the great Masala blog have sent me a hot little Kuduro mix which you can get here(z-share). Thanks G.

Kuduro mix by Ivory Temple

1. Intro
2. Nacobeta - Mole Mole
3. Magnesio - Dança do Tchiriri
4. Dog Murras - Kupower
5. Dj Bula & Dj Revolution - O Barulho
6. Noite e Dia - Tira Makossa
7. Luky Gomes - Patiri
8. Os Lamba - Comboio
9. Dj. Kula - Era uma vez
10. ??? - ???

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Managua Taxi Reggae

A couple of years ago I was passing through Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. The city has a fearsome reputation for taxidriver muggers that regularly rob passengers at gunpoint. Me and my mate got in a taxi, tired and paranoid from a long overnight bus journey. Just after a street kid had kicked our car, the driver asked us where we wanted to go, popped in a cd and turned it up loud. Cruising around the city at high speed, we heard some classics by Supacat and Cutty Ranks followed by some amazing early reggaeton. I liked it so much I persuaded him to swap it with a Belize bashment mix which he seemed to like. I don't know any of the artists as it didn't have a sleeve but some of the tracks are heavy. I like to think the international love for dancehall stopped us getting robbed and I hope that guy likes that bashment mix. Cheers mate !

Wha - Managua Taxi Reggae (Z-share)

Muvelo - Managua Taxi Reggae (Z-share)

Cha Cha Cha wierd voice - Managua Taxi Reggae (Z-share)

Took this photo out of the window.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

RIP The Minister of Funk

James Brown had such a massive influence on so many forms of music its sometimes hard to comprehend. The roots of Baile funk are especially in debt to him. This was one of the first funk songs I heard. Rest In peace James.

Malha Funk - James Brown

And, straight from Brazil, Adriana Pittigliani just sent me this banger by Funk Master, Sany Pitbull.

Sany Pitbull feat. DJ Woody - I Feel good - James Brown CariocaFunk Mix