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Monday, February 26, 2007

MC Sabrina

Funk Masters 07

Funkeiros can be a mysterious lot if you don't live in Brazil. But sometimes you can get a feel for their personalities. Two funk artists that are killing it for me at the moment are....

MC Sabrina has got a great flow and a stage presence to match. She stalks that stage like a panther but seems like a good laugh. Shes done quite a few tunes with MC Frank but her solo stuff is what I'm feeling. And shes got a good ear for a hook. Her singing is sort of out of key sometimes but it works really well in a funk kind of way. Some of her stuff is a little on the pop tip for my tastes but she seems to be doing great things for Baile funk in Brazil. This is her live at a massive rave called Twister in Rio last year.

MC Sabrina - Bonde Passando live at Twister (Zshare)

DJ Sandrinho, on the other hand, is like the Dark Lord of the funk scene. His DJ sets are pretty much piledriving all the way. Less vocals, more samples and sheer crazed jackin' funk beats played along with an MPC. He played a storming set at Rio Rocks last year. I read he was one of DJ Marlboro's prodigal funk sons and he has taken the funk sound harder down the electro rave path. He's kind of like the Grooverider of Rio. He has just released an EP out on MAN recordings featuring his own cuts of Tamborz√£o style funk. Well worth buying here or itunes.

DJ Sandrinho funk radio mix (Zshare)

Read more on DJ Rideon's Riobailefunk blog.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

In other news, the whole of Brixton is rocking to this...

Buju Banton - Driver A

Friday, February 16, 2007

New Time Juggler

Dow Jones of the South Rakkas Crew has been literally annihilating it in reggae for me. Literally everythinhg he's done is amazing. Its like he's taken on all the funkiest bits of other bass heavy stuff and compressed it all down to make the sickest ragga you will hear. The B sides, the reggaeton drums, the grime bass lines, the dubs, the air horns, the hottest of JA's singers ..... Fuck. Pure party bashment. I'm waiting for the Mavado 7.

Capleton - Real Hot ( South Rakkas Red Alert riddim )

....and head over to Masala for some Chinkuzi. Merci Ghiz & G.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blood, Sweat & Funk

Two great compilations of recently unearthed Central American music that I picked up at Rough Trade.

Firstly Panama! is a collection of latin, calypso and funk from the little country that invented reggaeton. Latin heat thats much needed in the winter months.

Los Fabuloso Festivals - El Mensaje (Z-share)

Secondly, not far away Belize City Boil Up up is more on a disco funk reggae tip that sounds nothing like music from central America. Makes me think of sweaty soulshack raves in 60s.

Harmonettes - Shame Shame Shame (Z-share)

This is a photo I took at a bar on Ambergris caye, Belize. Love those crazy staring eyes with that gormless open mouth. Damn girl, your killing me.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's day Smash up

Here's some new stuff I'm loving at the moment.

Those horn stabs are just relentless and the beat almost turns into jungle in places. I played this out last weekend and it sounded amazing.

Juelz Santana - Santana's town ( Ghislain Porier mix )(Zshare)

Drop the lime makes a sweet Shakira Shakira sampling banger. Its on Curtis Vodka's awesome Flamin' Hotz records who also gave us the zou funk EP.

Drop the lime - Uptown V.I.P.(Zshare)

Always tricky trying to remix classic party tunes but this works nice. The breakdown pretty much goes into the original and builds again.

House of Pain - Jump Around ( Mickey slim remix )(zshare)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

For the Calles

Getting into baile funk and reggaeton has led me to other crazy latin stuff that I know very little about, other than its banging and probably comes from somewhere obscure and palmfringed where they drink rum all day, party all night and don't have to work in raining south London.

People sometimes ask me where I find this sort of stuff , apart from the internet, its mostly from the streets like this one ( above ) in Cali, Colombia, the unofficial home of salsa. Buying cds off people on road is always a lucky gamble qualitywise but you get rewarded with some truly amazing music.

Merengueton seems to be cropping up more and more lately. High speed beats with half time raps straight from the Dominican republic. Omega and his violent mambo have been laying down some pretty gangsta stuff. I asked my Spanish teacher what this song title mean't and she siad 'Its the night for being naughty'. We both blushed a bit and felt awkward.

Omega con mambo violento - Este noche de travesura (Z-share)

Mad Decent recently posted this Mexican banger from a couple of years ago. This is the original version which I think I prefer, though its less drum-heavy. The lyrics are about some blokes in a table dancing club saying that the table who sings loudest gets the girl to dance at their table. This was number one in Mexico.

Climax - Za-Za-ZA (Z-share)

Old school cumbia from Colombia. I love this stuff. It sounds like riding on a jolly horse. I've heard this one mixed up in reggaeton sets for some old school relief and its sounds hot.

Gaiteros de jancinto - El Mapele (Z-share)

On a more Cubano tip, Ghetto Bassquake favourite, Pitbull has been refixed by DJ Morse code in a latin style which would work on any dancefloor at any time.

Pitbull feat. Ying Yang twins - Bojangles ( DJ Morse code latin refix )(Z-share)