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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Get Rude

On Saturday join me at Get Rude with The Zombie Disco Squad and The Bulgarian to hear white hot baile at excessive volumes.

I Want Candy

Some quality summertime mixes :

Some serious London action from Faggatronix mixing up UKG and electrocrunk freshness. This should be more popular than funky 'ouse right now.

Word The Cat tears it up with African, Bashment and Bassline garage.

Some random old Paul Devro mix in full pardy effect.

Disco Devil, a hot reggae blog from Brazil comes in with a Rodigan Dublate mix.

Zombie Disco Squad talk frankly about Bassline Booty & Baile.

Bonde Do Blog

Radioclit, Amanda Blank & Bonde Do Role. The world's first Blog music supergroup ? No thankfully. Instead of jazzy improvisation they went with drinking large quantities of alcohol and shouting over kuduro. It was good.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Portugal+Angola= Firepower

Yesterday I had my eardrums nearly blown out by Buraka Som Sistema in a very hot, small, sweaty tent at Lovebox. And I can safely say they are not fucking around. Oh. My. God. My man hit it HARD. They didn't even have Petty and the dancers. Just one guy playing a set of sub-bass, acid tweaking Kuduro bombs. It was awesome and had me grinning like a fool for the entire set. I think alot of the stuff was Buraka productions and it really comes alive on a (Mad) decent soundsystem. He even dropped some grime in the middle of the set. Strong. If they come to your town, don't even think about not going.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tierra del Fuego

Straight off the parrilla, another flame grilled slice of Argentinian cumbia soaked in Chimichurri. Chancha Via Circuito is on the hype screwed and chopped tip.

Chancha Via Circuito - Cumbia Malembe

And from Bolivia, more sleepy cumbia beats from another Argentinian, Sonido Martines. He's doing a mix for Rupture's excellent new radio show on 18th Juy.

Sonido Martines - Vuela Pajarito Rebajado

Yet more heat from Argentina, check Princesa. She's hammering the barrios with her fiesty Reggaeton-dancehall. Lots of downloadable beats on her myspace.

Princesa - I Feel So Good