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Friday, August 24, 2007

The Evil Eyes Of The Poison Dart Frog

I haven't posted any new school jamz for ages so here's some newish heat for the streets.

Tittsworth - Poison (Zshare)

DJ Ayres - Juke Dat Souljah Boy (Zshare)

DJ Two - Perereca Mix (Zshare)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The War On Democracy

In the UK we have a major TV channel called ITV. On the whole its pretty terrible, with a programming-lite policy of soap operas and phone in quiz shows. However in the 70s and 80s they financed and screened documentaries by film maker and journalist John Pilger. He is one of the few UK journalists that has been tirelessly reporting the severe political and economical problems that face the peoples of Latin America, that the UK media generally chooses to ignore. In 1983, ITV screened Pilger's film 'Nicaragua: A Nation's right to survive' which exposed the massacres in Nicaragua by the US backed contras against the Sandinista revolutionary government supporters.

Last night ITV screened an excellent new film by Pilger (questionable trailer above) about the resistance of the Latin American people against the apalling trade sanctions, strangulating economical grip and outright murder of the US government’s current foreign policy in Latin American countries.

It was much better that "How clean is your house" which what they normally screen.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Looks like more and more people like Masala, Wanye and Wax, DJ/ Rupture and Fried Ramen are feeling the old school reggaeton stuff.

Download DJ Playero's mixtapes at Masala

Or just Blaze it up

Baby - Marihuana (Zshare)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sour like Lemon & Ps

I've never been big on UK hip Hop but sometimes in the right medium, there is some flow and energy that is too heavy for words. The US style of rapping don't come natural to us and never really has. But since Jamaica brought their ragga influence we got our own ting. Our rap style comes from the pirate radio and rave MCing culture, crowd hypment, which is why for me, it works best in garage, grime and jungle. At 02:25 in this video is what i'm talking about.

Just listen to the flow of Wiley and co. on this 4 x 4 riddim by Slimzee. Holy shit.

Slimzee ft. Pay as you Go - forgot the name (Zshare)

And if that hasn't convinced you, Stryders going to show you what I mean even before his voice broke.

Tinchy Stryder - freestyle (Zshare)

And i'm pretty sold on this crazy mix by London's Faggatronix blending garagey beats with grime and crunk vocals to filthy but brilliant effect. For me this is so much more fun than dubstep.

Faggatronix - 4x4 Birthday mix

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Carnaval del Pueblo - London


I don't know anything about the transglobal economics of alcohol brands, but I do know that Skol was a really weak tasteless beer my Dad used to drink in the 80s. It may be a surprise for UK readers to know that Skol is the biggest beer brand in Brazil. I think it might be the Stella of the favelas and they're even sponsoring funk balls. Which make this song the 'Cigarettes & Alcohol' of baile funk. Don't worry, its not like Oasis but it does mention a couple of things they like. This is more punk rock than the majority of bands in the UK. There I said it.

Unknown - Montagem Coca Skol (Zshare)

But more importantly, but what happened to the viking man and remind me of his name ?