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Monday, December 10, 2007

Big Juke On Campus

At my university canteen people just stared at their mouldy, barely thawed sandwiches with a blank, depressed face, rain pouring at the window, only raising a smile when someone dropped a plate. Not at Howard University, DC. Its all impromptu dance routines like a real life Grease. And what is this ghettobass hammer thats slaying Chi Town's line dance favouring wedding dance floors?

Its DJ Chip's Chicago Juke slide (Pimp Walk Slide), a juke version of that infamous DJ Caspers Cha Cha slide song (no really) and the bassline from Plastic dreams. Resulting in an curious, slightly eerie mixture of 90s Big room Euro house, juke bootyclapping beats and a bad novelty workout song. But it works for me! Any takers?

Now learn the moves ready for those Christmas parties. Unless, like myself, you don't live in Chicago. In which case i'll be flailing foolishly around to Heartbroken and Slade. Oh.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Keep Ridin Pimp C

Rest in Peace. I only recently bought your album and it was the best rap cd i got in ages. Thanks for amazing songs like this.

UGK feat. Scarface - Still Ridin' Dirty

Sunday, December 02, 2007

2007 Saviours of Grime No1.

No not the Real Taliban, I mean Taliban Trim's Soulfood Vol1 mixtape was one of the best things in grime this year. With productions from JME,Scratchy, Radioclit and Danny Weed it had tonnes of next level grime-but-not-really-grime beats backing Trim's ridiculously entertaining rhymes. Just like this one.

Trim - Taliban

Also this year Trim shared with us his aliases,"Travan, Trimvan, Tali, Trim, Trim Thug, Trimothy, Trimson, Trimmal Trimski… and I’m working on a few others too. Trimski is going to be next year’s one."