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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter Jungle Fire

London is really cccold right now and New Years eve is a dull anticlimax. So get your party priorities straight and join Radioclit, me and the Secousse Sound system this Friday at Notting Hill Arts club for some tropical heaters to warm those frozen assed bones.

On top of that there's a live performance form The Zambezi Experience.

Free before 8pm!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

DIY Christmas

I've really enjoyed doing the blog this year. A special thanks to all those people who sent us, played or grindingly blogged about amazing music that we loved this year. Mad respects and Happy Christmas to all our readers.

and especially thanks to Miri for having the patience to let me write this when I should be doing other things.

Here's my Christmas song, a sweet cumbia calypso.

unknown - El Boticario

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This is Ndombolo

New video by Mokobe, with modern Congolese Rumba star Fally Ipupa, out of Kinshasa.

Congolese music, from Rumba, to Soukous, to Ndombolo is the base influence for everything from Benga to Kuduro to Coupe Decale. I read DJ Znobia say that listening to Papa Wemba makes him trip. Listen to the guitars, they definitely take you to a different plane.

Shout out to Gregzhino who stopped by SF and brought me a couple gifts. This great CD is one of the things he brought:

Monday, December 22, 2008

Swedish Palms

Taking no prisoners in the colds of Stockholm, bringing us the tropical heat is Swedish duo Klubb Highlife

They played at Secousse last month tearing it up with their own blend of Afrorave, hip-life and kuduro. We got a very special mix from dem to warm your cold bones (especially if you're cold and sneezing like me).

Catch Sebastian and Anna live in NYC at Neblu on 30th Dec.

Klubb Highlife- Mix

1. Heart of Africa (Saxapella) - Martin Solveig
2. Last Of The Summer Alomo - A.J. Holmes
3. Music For Gong Gong - Luisito Quintero
4. One Tree (TP's Deep Roots Vocal Mix) - Tony Allen
5. Voodoo Bounce Beat - Claude Monnet
6. Ethiopo - Nôze
7. Bowungakanani - Msawawa
8. 16 Years - MzBel
9. Siyan Duduza - Brickz
10. Zeze E Toto (Kuduro Remix) - Luky Gomes
11. Secousse (Mumdance remix) - Radioclit
12. Yah! (feat. Petty) - Buraka Som Sistema
13. Tchilo (Diplo Mix) - DJ Znobia
14. Kamphopo - Esau Mwamwaya

Friday, December 19, 2008

GBQ in The Metro

We got a little piece in the London morning Metro newspaper. Shout out to Rahul!

Click to read.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cumbia Earth Tremor

I love that ZZK are dropping mixtapes from all their artists relentlessly spreading the cumbia love all year. The latest, Vol.5 is from Tremor.

They say:

"Coloring outside the paradigm lines, Tremor breathes new life into traditional folklorico, bringing his own point of view into the rich rythms of the region, where technology punctuates the boom of the bombo legüero drum, chops up the charango and splices tunes with samples of daily life at home in South America."

Git it!

Tremor - ZZK Mixtape

01)Tremor - Domingo cura Vs M.I.A Vs Tremor
02)Beatriz Pichimalen - Canto a las Ballenas (Tremor refix)
03)Radiokijada - Manoteo en Menor (Tremor mix)
04)Tremor - Viajante
05)Micaela Chauque - El Milagroso (Daleduro refix)
06)El Remolon - Cumbia Bichera (Tremor Mix)
07)Reales de cajamarca - Loca juventud (Tremor refix)
08)Tremor - Semilla vs Elpidio Herrera vs Tremor
09)José Larralde - Quimey Neuquén (Chancha Vía Circuito rmx)
10)King Coya - Axel Krygier vs Tremor
11)Villa Diamante - Mariana Baraj vs Q Tip
12)Jaivas_ Disuación (primera parte)
13)Fussible (Nortec Collective) - The clap (Tremor mix)
14)Intima - Fatbot es Lim (Tremor mix)
15)Latinsizer - Libelula (Tremor Mix)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh! And Come to my party too.

Uproot Discos

It's a HOMIES post!

Sr. Uproot is getting spotlighted by Bersa Discos this time, 'long side a sick Sonidero from the Nederlands, Sonido del Principe.

I am definitely a fan of Andy's work, and it will be great to have it on vinyl! There's only 1000 copies, so don't buy it before me! But, do buy it here.

La Vida Vale La Pena (True)-Uproot Andy

Meanwhile I'll will be Chillin in Chile, 'long side the family, this Friday at the Elbo Room San Francisco for Bersa's Tormenta Tropical One Year Anniversary Party, featuring The Heatwave (gonna play some funky house guys?) and Paul Devro. If you're in the Bay you will be square if you are not there.

Pirates of Nicaragua

I just got back from Nicaragua and picked up a tonne of amazing music, too much! So get ready for some Central American fire v soon. In the meantime, here are some photos of the street cd bootleggers who sold me this damn gold.

Put the Funk in Funky

Yes I'm going on and on about U.K. funkiness, but I got it on the brain. I've been wondering why the name U.K. Funky. On the surface, the genre seems to have more roots in house, soca, grime, broken beat, or afrobeat, which are all funky in their own ways, but when I think funk, especially while living in Oakland, a completely different idea comes to mind. Today, while listening to some more tunes, I was suddenly reminded of a track by Romanthony that is buried in my vinyl collection.

I ripped it to digital (sorry for the crackles, not up on my vinyl ripping game.) Here's some real FUNKY shit, and I wouldn't be surprised if it were an influence on the new U.K. Funky sound:

Bring You Up-Romanthony

Someone commented on another blog that Romanthony is from Nueva Jersey (Ok, his bio says so), but Bring You Up was released on a U.K. label, and is probably more familiar in the U.K. than the U.S. His biggest claim to fame is voicing two tracks for Daft Punk, one of them probably being their biggest hit.

Auto-tuned? Daft Punk-One More Time

You can buy the track Bring You Up on vinyl at Phonica Records.

Weather Got Me Workin'

It's cold and rainy in California, at least where I am. California homes don't have really good heat compared to places that are significantly colder.

The weather got me sick, stayin' inside, but, is also forcing me to work.

London comes to mind (is that a bad association?) and perhaps inspired by the previous post, I made this:

Let me see you show your dreads-Chief Boima

Also here's a little round up of other stuff I've been gettin' into lately:

I did a mix of dance tunes for Akwaaba Music's first podcast which you can get here:

Super Akwaaba Disco Caravan #1

Most of the Coupe Decale and Hiplife tracks will be available in the near future through Akwaaba.

Also, check out WFMU's San Francisco blog post, where you can download some tracks of mine.

WFMU Free Music Archive Preview (Look for me at the top of the page)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back to the School Yard!

U.K. Peoples! I love this! U.K. Funky has to be the most inspirational and fun music for me right now. I checked a mix by Marcus Nasty, and definitely listen on repeat. Plus, great tunes keep coming. I'm definitely going to have this stuff number 1 on my radar for 2009!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Oh Isthmus in the Sun

Already the Carnaval tunes are sonando in that crossroads land of the Central American Isthmus. Hopefully Vamanos will be bringing some back to share from his trip.

I posted a comment earlier linking to the video of the Wo Tang Clan's version of the Coolie Dance Riddim:

The Wo Tang Clan was (is?) a Reggae crew out of Panama, started by Principal who is definitely one of, if not my favorite, Regueseros.

Vamanos asked for a Principal post, so I'm gonna put here 5 of my favorite tracks by the versatile Panamanian DeeJaaay.

1. Date La Vuelta

A bangin' track that apparently made it to Spanish radio, and is a version of a Trinidadian Soca tune. I always see someone try to spin another person whenever I play it out. Check the video on the tube.

2. ¿Quieren Oirme Cantar?

Am I fine? No!, Am I ugly? Yes! Do you want to hear me sing? ¡No! Why? Because you can't!... ¡Puro comedia! The best self-deprecating Reggae tune ever!

3. Me Say Me Say

Me Say Me Say Who? The riddim on this is great, and Principal's voice and delivery murdas it! Anyone know the name of the riddim? Is it Jamaican? I have a Demphra tune called Es Gay on this riddim as well, but I won't play it out here. ;)

4. Papa

Hip Hop Reggae Bounce! Principal has recently found Jesus, and like many other Panamanian artistas has turned to promoting positive lyrics, and turning away from badman/gunman tunes. This is probably one of those. Chorus is saying, "I forgive you father (for leaving me) just like Jesus forgives me..."

Take me to church!

5. Me Tiene Loko

Calypso Jam! This one is to play for your parents at their holiday party. I love Calypso en Español. What does it sound like in Venezuela?

(Day-O! Harry Belefonte & Mr. Chavez warming up for their duet)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Vamanos y Boima


Yesterday I spent a good couple hours trying whittle down the Reggaeton section in my iTunes down from 3 GB to 1 GB (not including Reggae en Espanol, Merengueton, or Cumbiaton,) and in the process listened to a lot of dramatic synths and Dem Bow snares. A fan of Reggaeton I've been, ever since my days in Madison, when the homie Jeffrey and I bonded over General Degree's Traffic Blocking, and the CD-R of his homie back in PR's dem-bow, demo. But, after going through my 100th Luny Tunes production, it started to feel a little like this:

Anyway, I'm excited about the book. And perhaps this process of shaving the fat is kind of like a refresher on why I liked the music so much in the first place.

The other day in the Reggaeton section of my RSS reader, a new CD by the duo Baby Rasta & Gringo popped up. I initially passed it up (because of my bursting at the seams harddrive) but the name rung in my head associated with something I liked before. Then I remembered the name from one of the Playero mixes I had heard floating around. I did a search and came up with this wonderfulness:

I did some further research (read Wikpedia) and saw that apparently the duo's 2004 release, Sentenciados, was a widely bootleged underground smash. Their hit song off that album is an example of Reggaeton at its finest:

El Carnaval

And here is a track off their new album The Comeback:

No Es Macarena

Sidenote: Can anybody out there explain the duo format of Reggaeton? Jowell y Randy, Hector y Tito, Angel y Khris, y todos ellos, is it because of the singer and rapper combination?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Kids at the back of the Bus phone music that I like

I'm off for a couple of weeks. Boima's gonna hold it down here.

Fact have just posted an end of year round up mix by the ever banging Heatwave. Bomb after Bomb.

Heatwave-Class of 08 Mix

01 Lil Wayne - A Milli
02 Busy Signal - Ackee Tree
03 Mavado - So Special
04 Bugle - Doh Be No aka No Yes Man
05 Warrior Queen & The Heatwave - Things Change
06 Riko Dan & The Heatwave - Mind How You A Talk
07 Mr Benn feat Blak Twang & Blackout JA - Long Time
08 Queen Ifrica - Daddy
09 Tarrus Riley & Sizzla - Who's Gonna Save Us
10 Tifa - Crawny Gal
11 YT & Flex - Stalker
12 Giggs - Talkin' Da Hardest
13 Erup - Click Mi Finger
14 Elephant Man & Lieutenant Stitchie - What A Mighty God
15 Timberlee - Heels
16 Charly Black - Buddy Buddy
17 Paleface & Kyla - Do You Mind (Crazy Cousins Remix)
18 Beenie Man & Wiley - Rolex It Up (The Heatwave Refix)
19 Mavado - On The Rock
20 Grievous Angel & Rubi Dan - Move Down Low (Funky Remix)

And off that, How did I miss this? ( Oh yeah because I'm in my 30s). Like Boima's post of that post Wu Tang thug UK/JA flow.

Sadly Craig David has also used this beat for his new rhyme skills. Its over Craig. Over.

Giggs - Talkin Da Hardest

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Palm Winein'

A Big Mix today.

As well as wearing awesome shirts A.J. Holmes is part of the Secousse Soundsystem and you can hear him laying down incredible tropical beats every month with Radioclit. Everytime I hear him play I wanna ask what's this, what's this.

So we are mad hyped that he's mixed up an exclusive sack of tropical tunes for us. Just over half an hour of Coupe decale, Kwaito, Kuduro and a whole heap other crazy Afro-tropical shit.

Londoners Catch him DJing and playing live with his band at Secousse on December 5th along with heavy cumbia fire from Argentina's ZZK Records. Its a night of Ghetto Bassquake Tropical Bass Heaven. Be there.

A.J. Holmes - Lumumba; Berlin Sex City Instrumental version
Magic System - Un gaou à Oran
Luky Gomes - (baka) zeze e toto kuduro remix
Aboutou Roots - Couper décaler
DJ Zoki & Dane - Balkan Sound 2007
Uproot Andy - La Vida Vale La Pena (Petrona Martinez)
Tarkan - Simarik (Radio Edit)
DJ Zidane - Guantanamo I
BOP - Meropa (Pitseng Tse Kgolo)
Kaysha - On est ensemble

secousse december

Saturday, November 22, 2008

This is My America

The HOMIE, Chosan out in New York just released this video. Born in Sierra Leone, raised in London, and currently bombing the Burroughs of NY, this man is a true wandering soul out to absorb the lessons of the ghettos of the world.

Coming with an outside perspective to life on the streets of America, and more than any other video about popping champagne or gettin' money, it makes me feel like I'm in New York, which to me has always been about the immigrant experience. Big Up! Chosan!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pile Driving in El Alto

El Alto is one of the highest cities in the world perched above Bolivia's capital, La Paz on a massive plateau. Its population, mostly indigenous is one of the fastest growing in Latin American cities. Many of the inhabitants have moved from the country to escape poverty hoping for safer financial stability working in the city below. My fleeting memories when I passed through as a tourist on a bus was damn, this place looks hardcore. And it is.

Most buildings were roughly built, functional Breezeblock structures. Ugly, though not as bad as certain parts of South London. Its bloody cold as well, the altitude so high you are gasping for air most of the time. I got the impression the people are tough as fuck. Everywhere were signs of pretty severe poverty, the population keen to reclaim the countries huge wealth of natural resources, especially natural gas. Most is exported to other countries and the profits are certainly not reinvested in this city. This has resulted in some major unrest in the country, to the point where civil war was narrowly avoided in 2005.

Bolivian Female Wrestling has recently taken off in a big way in El Alto. It is a place of extremes. National Geographic photos here.

Chicha is not only the name of home made Inca beer but also the popular strain of cumbia heard all over this area. Its big in Peru also. A tropical hybrid of Amazonia cumbia and more traditional Andean folk music.

Pretty much every bus or taxi seemed to play it, its the sound of the streets (that and most kinds of metal). The mixtapes have MCs shouting over the tracks in Spanish and Quechuan. Wayne and Wax will tell you a lot more in this great post from a while back. The bootleg DVD market is pretty massive too with videos often shot in Bolivia's surreal natural landscapes. Like thisand this.

Argentina's ZZK records have just released El Remolon's wicked album of dubbed out cumbia. You can buy it here.

This track stands out for me especially.

El Remolon - Bolivia

Catch El Remolon, Villa Diamante and El G live now on their European Tour.

Friday November 21 - Nitsa, Barcelona, Spain
Friday November 27 - Zaragoza Latina Festival, Zaragoza Spain
Saturday November 29 – The Rumble, Malmo, Sweden
Wednesday December 3 - Musicalia, London, England
Thursday December 4 – Movimientos, London, England
Friday December 5 - Secousse c/Radioclit, London, England
Friday December 5 - Time Out Party, London UK
Saturday December 6 - Scala, Berlin Germany

Friday, November 14, 2008

Down the Pub with MC Sabrina

What I love about funk is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. Always plenty of time for fun tracks as well as the hardcore stuff. A weird but wicked one from Rio's easy on the eye MC Sabrina. She apparently favours 'The large glass' - A Baile funk drinking song!

MC Sabrina - Larga o Copo

Thursday, November 13, 2008

You did What?

Mr. Signal is rocking the proverbial bells here at Ghetto Bassquake. Hit after hit seems to arrive on a weekly basis making my ears bleed with general bashment joy.

Sampling Sergio Mendes' Brazilian carnival drum laden anthem Magalenha he can't go wrong with this lick of tribal ragga excellence.

Busy Signal - Up In Her Belly

And just fer laffs, he tells us what he'd do to your girl that Katy Perry probably wouldn't.

Busy Signal - I Fucked Your Girl

Thanks to the good people at The Fader

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Smells Like Popical

A while back I wrote about tropical guilty pleasures. Those tracks that go just a little bit too far into that Eurocheese/family party/holiday songs and are only really fit for your ninth rum and coke stagger dance. That stuff thats pretty dire but holds its own endearing charm and humour that the latest Skream dubplate is never gonna have. Like this one :

Poyake & Pimpchicken - Dale Candela

Video here if you don't want to download.

You could drop this to a drunk dancefloor in the middle of tropical-reggae-reggaeton set and it would probably work. Its got that dancefloor filling coolie dance bassline but the vocals are treading a veeerrry fine line for me. Its not going to scare the girls off like a kuduro jam might but its got a pretty high lame factor.

Here are some others.

Daddy Yankee - Gasolina. An undeniable anthem for reggaeton but since its release, those four years have not been kind.
Andy Val Gourmet- Chacarron Macarron. Still a banger and still getting some play by London DJs other than me. I like!
Enur ft. Natasha- Calabria - It had that commercial cross over as you could mix it into house or whatever but is way overplayed. Lily Allen's probably covered it.
Samim - Heater. Kind of works as its essentially a minimal track but I think its still sounds pretty fresh though I stopped playing it.

What other Popical anthems have I missed? I already hate that word.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I Stay Fresh Like I'm Wrapped in Plastic!

Cocaine Blunts pointed out that Diddy is going to release an Electro Rap album. While annoyed by certain music that gets labled Electro these days, for some reason I'm real excited about certain locales/genres exploring this trend. I see the U.K. has been going through their Electro-Grime phase, it seems like French Africans are on board. Panama and Jamaica are definitely heading that way as well. Right now the possibility of a full on Bambaata/Detroit Electro aesthetic revival on U.S. Hip Hop Radio (and/or underground) has got me geeked.

I moved to the Bay Area amidst the height of the hyphy summer, before Mac Dre died, and as I crossed the Bay Bridge for the first time on my way in to SF, I was welcomed by the song "Hyphy" by The Federation played on the local Rap radio station. Mainstream radio was full of tracks out of Atlanta and the Bay that referenced early Electro Rap, uptempo beats, and party vibes. Maybe it was the magic of living in a new place, but I remember some off the hook parties.

The other day I was on the bus and I hear come out of a cell phone an uptempo beat and a verse that breaks in, "this is that automatic, I stay fresh like I'm wrapped in plastic. The girl sitting next to me jumps up dancing and screams, "this slap!" And I was sent into a mid-day MUNI Hyphy flashback.

Common's U.M.C. (Universal Mind Control)

Now check this craziness out! (By the Dallas Austin Experience):

Give me more please!!!


Brenda Fassie-Vulindlela

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Akwaaba Music Launch Party and Obama is The Highlife

Akwaaba Music is finally releasing their 1st album and the launch party is this Friday Night at a place called Salt in Los Angeles. Go to to purchase this first release (also available on itunes.) The label is splitting its net revenue 50-50 with all of its licensees, many of the artists are rockin' in their home countries but haven't got as much exposure abroad.

Also there will be an Obama victory themed The Highlife party at the Tunnel Top tonight (11/6) in San Francisco with guests Khady Black from Sierra Leone and DJ Sogui So Good.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Oh my Days... Its already the best time of the month again. Come party with us at Notting Hill Arts club this Friday. Radioclit, Mo-Laudi, A J Holmes, myself and more...

with live special guests..

Zun Zun Egui

And if you haven't got the hottest mixtape pon the innanet, get the all new re-mastered version now:

Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit - The Very Best mixtape

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

November 4th

I thought about posting a photo, but decided there are better messages out there:

Monday, November 03, 2008

Barackobama Som Sistema

I haven't got anything to say, I just wanted to write that title.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Make way for the Mashupero!

The Fugees' version of No Woman No Cry was a revelation in my adolescent life. It was the first time that I made the connection that music inherited from parents/family x music heard from friends/street= my music. Wyclef doesn't get enough credit in paving the way for global hip hoppers the world over.

I've resurrected the Fugees version in my dj sets thanks to two other global versions of No Woman No Cry from this past year.

Comando Tiburon-No Voy a llorar
(Direct references to the Fugees here)

Titi Falçon-Tayumako (Senegal)

Besides his multiple solo efforts, I've seen him collaborate with artists in some unexpected places. This track from Senegal appeared around the time Wyclef recorded with Youssou N' Dour on How Come.

Bideew Bou Bess feat. Wyclef Jean-Ndékété Yo

Friends of mine hated on Wyclef's latest solo effort, but Carnaval 1 still bumps for me today, and if you don't have Wylcef's album, Welcome To Haiti Creole 101, this needs to be your next acquire. Here is a track from the album that mashes Compa, Zouk, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Afropop and Afro Cuban sounds.

Wyclef Jean-24 e Tan Pou Viv

If I'm missing any necessary Wyclef tracks in the same vein, point them out in the comments!

Tyre Tracks

When it comes to worldwide bass music there are a few dons in this world. Producing, globe trotting, Djing, blogging, remixing, working with the local yout to help achieve their mic and bass hammering visions. Maga Bo is one of those people. Based in Rio, he ties together a wealth of influences from Grime to Baile funk heard in his immense collection of mixes which we like a lot. Till now he's been pitching up in places like Zanzibar, Senegal and Morocco throwing down his grinding bass skills with local MCs. In exchange for their mic skills he runs workshops e.g. teaching young African hiphoppers how to rock pirated audio software. His guerilla soundclash recordings have resulted in a banging debut album on Soot records.

Archipelagoes explores ruffneck hiphop/ragga/taarab hybridizations. Working the sound of the street, the road, the sand. Its out this Autumn. Here's a track.

Maga Bo - Fire ft. Xuman

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cumbia of DEATH!

An Tings...

Some more tracks from out my basement. These are from a mixtape, "An Tings" by singer/poet/performance artist Khalil Anthony currently outta Oakland, futurely heading to the U.K.

It's fun to throw on an instrumental and see what people do with it:

Four Corners of the Sun


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Change Gon' Come

Here's a track I produced for a rapper, Cracker One:

Cracker One-Obama

Click here for an explanation.

Cold Cold World

The first live Dubstep gig I went to was at a small venue called SF Underground in San Francisco. The crunk meets reggae meets everything heavy mix was exciting and fresh to me, it reminded of the first time I heard Lil' John and Bia Bia'ed and threw my bows.

About a month ago, I went to Surya Dub's party in SF. I thought the resident crew killed it, and guest Maga Bo amazed me by doing live remixes of traditional sounding Brazilian tunes with Dancehall beats. Without getting too much into detail tho', the headlining DJ, The Bug threw me a little bit. Perhaps I didn't get it.

Until I saw this:

This video aesthetic reminds me of something... on top of a building... industrial city... tough mugging directly into the camera... think back... the 90's?... ... ... ... Wu Tang! Now I think back and remember that The Bug was wearing a Wu Tang T-shirt, and finally it dawned on me. This is that stripped down, northern industrial (cold) city, street music, but through a U.K./Jamaica interpretive lens.

Suddenly, perhaps I get it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Newcastlers - Sat 1st Nov

The Ghetto Bassquake Tropical Bass storm arrives in Newcastle again.

Catch me at the opening of Nancy's Bordello.

All the info is here.

Its gonna Pour.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Darkness Beckons..

The nights are drawing in and its getting colder in olde London town. And what better soundtrack, as people hurry about their business, than a fat dubstep mix from Caspa: Packed full of some of the sickest basslines this side of Christmas. Oh my Gosh.

Caspa - Fabric Promo Mix


1. Caspa - My pet Monster - Digital Sound Boy
2. Klaxtons - Its Not Over - Skream Remix
3. Rusko - Mr Muscle - Sub Soldiers
4. Caspa - Louder VIP - Sub Soldiers
5. Caspa - Floor Them - Digital Sound Boy
6. Emalkay - Explicit - Dub Police
7. Sub Scape - Transaction - Dub Police
8. The Others - Africa VIP - Dub Police
9. Unitz - Wait A Minute - Dub Police
10. Rusko - Jahova - Sub Soldiers
11. Caspa - The Terminator - Sub Soldiers
12. TC - Where's My Money - Caspa Remix - DStyle
13. Skream - Fick - Tempa

Monday, October 20, 2008

Straight from the Boston Woods

Pic: La Paz, Bolivia from Vamanos Flickr

Wayne & Wax drops a killer seven minutes of chopped up funk as part of the final Blogariddims mix. Riding the Bam Bam riddim he goes from Prince to Cutty Ranks to Kuduro like its nothing. Mad skills.

Wayne & Wax - Bam Bam Big! (Direct Download)

>> Lowell Fulson, “Tramp”
>> Otis Redding & Carla Thomas, “Tramp”
>> Cypress Hill, “How I Could Just Kill a Man”
>> Prince, “7″
>> Sly & Robbie, “Bam Bam Riddim”
>> Chaka Demus & Pliers, “Murder She Wrote”
>> Cutty Ranks, “A Who Seh Me Dun”
>> Cutty Ranks, “Limb By Limb” (original + jungle remix by DJ SS)
>> Janet Lee Davis, “I Will Always Love You”
>> DJ Playero, “DJ Playero Pistas #7″
>> DJ Playero, “DJ Playero Pistas #9″
>> ??, “Bubbling MSN Remix”

Catch him and Baile funk MPC fire meister, Cabide DJ in Boston tomorrow night.

And from what I'm hearing on these live radio mixes, he pretty much smashes up that thing. Meu deus!

Demphra Interview

Check out Fulbright Winner, Larnies's posting of an interview she did with Demphra., It's short, but it gives an inside perspective on Reggae in Panama.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Highlife Party

In San Francisco this Saturday Night: