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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Its Out There..

Fake Blood - Mars

Buy some more crazed rave by London's Fake Blood.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sonidera Mic Check

In the UK, If someones on the mic in a pub on a friday night they're most likely to be singing pissed up Ronan Keating karaoke or rapping at crack speed over drum 'n'bass. Not ideal.

In Mexico DF, New York and many other Mexican & US cities  Sonidera DJs are heavyweight cumbia riddim selectas dropping Colombian bangers for the gente, battering the laser button all night. Bouncing Mex-Electro-Rave clashes with screwed & chopped cumbias, rebajadas style. Soundsystem cd rewinds and barrio shout outs like an audio dub barrage over the music. Mic Echo essential.

At first my bad spanish made me think that the DJs chat was just for hyping up the crowd. Then I read this. The DJs are doing far more. Sonidero dances act as a meeting point for young mexican communities wherever they are. 

"A young man might proclaim his love to his girlfriend, shout-out to his friends, or send a greeting to his family. They could be in the same dance hall, in New Jersey, or in the Mexican state of Puebla. The performance will be recorded, and CDs of the event will be sold as early as the next day. The dedicator of a number can then buy the CD and send it to the girlfriend left behind in Mexico, give it to friends, or keep it as a memento." From this again.

Sonido Kumbala is apparently the undisputed Boss of the sonidera game. Thats his record shop above in the pic.

Here is an incredible recording of New York's Sonido Siboney

Sonido Siboney - Acordeon y Guacharaca (live)

And playing in a market.

Loving this rave drop into cumbia. In the booth with Sondio Canela

I admittedly know very little about the Sondiera scene so please drop your knowledge in the comments.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fire Makes Angels

I just spent a few days down south in the land de los angeles. I flew over California and watched trees burn. I landed amongst the pacific haze that the area is known for (a combination of the sea mist, fire smoke, and pollution.)

Spending time with a childhood friend of Greek parentage and cultural heritage, who had just come back from 2 months in Greece, we were grooving to some of the latest sounds goin' down at clubs in places like Mykonos.   We were comparing the sounds on L.A.'s hip hop/reggaeton station "Latino" to the sounds coming out of Europe and enjoying the similarities.  The fact that DJ Laz was in town and a guest on Saturday, probably added to the comparison and my excitement, as he was mixing a bunch of exclusive Latin Miami Bass remixes and promoting his new album to be released next week.  His new single with Pitbull and Flo-Rida has an interpolation of this European club hit.

Here's a classic: DJ Laz-Esa Morena

(A club in Mykonos, Greece)
Sometime during the week my friend and I were going through some of the more Greek centered pop tracks that he picked up.  After giving him a couple of Cumbia tracks to play while we drove around the expansive L.A. highway system, and after taking down a couple drinks I was shouting out the window to passersby, "CUMBIA!!!"  He made sure to draw my attention to this:

Greek Cumbia!: Locomondo-Κρητική Cumbia

L.A. is the land of Brangelina, Hollywood Starlets, Rehab, and MTV reality famous for doing nothing celebs.   I see young people move there and get caught up.  But beyond that, it's a huge diverse place with vast neighborhoods of people from literally everywhere, and that's a side to L.A. that doesn't always make it to mainstream media markets (Black Eyed Peas being an exception?!?) 
(Soundtrack for what?!?)

On my way back home I was listening to Fosforo, who did that Cumbia de Obama track, and started thinking about what it would be like to be a politically conscious, working or middle class person, or a member of a large ethnic community in a place that is so engulfed in blind capital consumerism.  What would it be like to be a teacher in a place of distorted quality of life priorities,  in vast neighborhoods notorious for being ruled by youth with guns or corrupt police, while young millionaires party their lives away down the street.  It's a place that bubbles with violence and has exploded in rage many times before.  I did a show in a community center there and the music that was going on from the local bands was so intense and exciting.  The fire in the song below, makes me think of the rage one must feel.  After awhile I realized I didn't have to think too hard, because inevitably this all seems familiar.  When it goes down though, L.A. the front lines, is going to be a crazy place.

L.A. revolution music: Fosforo-Guerra

I Urge You To Do Some Stuff

Not Hula with these two funsters though. Thats for later.


Always heavy summer mix from Word The Cat. Rumble Time.

Excellent new reggae roundup at Cyan Wait. Including Busy Signal's blinding new Tic Toc.

Cracking new mAfromatics fire from Boima.

Pay homage to the almighty Acid Hall riddim at The Fader.

Yet another Radioclit banger.

Learn the secrets of Bashment Martial Arts with Wayne & Wax.

Photos from Man Recording's Melt Festival in Berlin. Check the crazy new Austrian baile funk sci-fi mixtape from Ku Bo.


01. Parolar De Veso Remix feat. SD Boys
02. Rebola feat. Joyce Muniz
03. Turnament Version feat. Yasmine Seydi
04. Turnament feat. Fefe MC
05. Uepa feat. Joyce Muniz
06. Um Korpo feat. Joyce Muniz
07. Kubo Precut (no name yet )
08. Lem Lem
09. Tindao

Guitars Not Guns

I found a little Colombian music shop tucked away in the depths of South London. Naturally they sell a lot of cumbia. I asked for stuff from the Northern Caribbean coast of Colombia. They said "aahh Tropicales" and pulled out a load of cds with half-naked birds on the covers. Felt like I was buying some dirty mags or something.

Anyway, the music is excellent, lots of accordions and general sunny vibes for this season.

One of the tracks is an exception, from the city of Cali in middle of Colombia.

Less accordions, more of a dirty guitar funk jam, unlike most cumbias i've heard. Afrosound were one of first cumbia groups to mix trippy rock into their sound. Its off the Disco Fuentes label where you can buy lots more cumbia.

Afrosound - Caliventura

Here's the video featuring more ladies and something that looks like a giant vat of porridge that ends up as bread. What is that stuff ?

Altiplano Headcharge

I've made a MUXTAPE for you.

Monday, July 21, 2008

House Angolana

Since this track seems to burning up the netwaves, I thought I'd post something similar out of Angola. The intro is DJ Jesus's Crazy Love #1 on the Angolan Charts.

The rest of the video seems to be taking cues from the style of a European taking cues from Africa.

DJ Jesus-Crazy Love

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Airhorns & Champagne

Just in time for the summer, warming up for carnival, The Heatwave Sound have a hot new mix & night for you.

They're gonna play "Anything ravey from the Caribbean and anything Caribbeany from the UK - bashment, funky, soca, garage, bassline, jungle etc. Lots of ragga vocals and dancehall rhythms but all very hype and rowdy like rave music".

That sounds Ghetto Bassquake music to me.

If you don't know Ramp by Menta & Ms.Dynamite, you need to listen to this mix.

Head over to Heatwave to get it.

1. Beenie Man & So Solid Crew - Yagga Yo
2. Ms Dynamite & Menta - Ramp
3. El-B - Shorty (Steppas Remix)
4. Glamour Murphy - What The Woman Want (Acapella)
5. QQ - Screechie
6. Stacy - Let Meh Know
7. Kyla & Paleface - Do You Mind (Crazy Cousins Remix)
8. Geeneus & Zinc - I Try (Instrumental)
9. Vybz Kartel - Stop Gwaan Stush (Acapella)
10. Top Cat & Double 99 - Ripgroove
11. Durrty Goodz - Pum Pum Stealer
12. Tubby - Turbo Shandy
13. Destra & Dizzee Rascal - Flex (Tim Turbo Refix)
14. Plastic Gangsters - Rock To The Rhythm
15. Shabba Ranks - Love Punaany Bad (Baby G Remix)
16. Elephant Man - Nobody Nobody
17. Notch - Nuttin' Nuh Go So (RCola Remix)
18. Soundclash feat Red Fox & Screechie Dan - Pum Pum Shorts

South American Street Party Newcastle was Big. 

Shout out to Nik & all at ¡VAMOS! Festival.

Outdoors under a tunnel. The Beats bounced right back.

I'm very serious about Bass.

Baile Funk Nation

Tetine rocked it.

Pics by James Postlethwaite

Friday, July 11, 2008

Vamanos @ ¡VAMOS!

Pic: Vamanos Flickr

North Easterners -Don't Forget NONAME.

Outdoors @ The Tyne, Newcastle tomorrow night.

Join myself & Tetine making some noise. 





Wednesday, July 09, 2008

London Tropics

Bad Things about living in London this week:

Its rained solidly all day without stopping once. Its July.

Good things about living in London this week No.1:

I went to see Esau Mwamwaya with my mates on a Tuesday night for 5 quid.

Pic :Thanks to Jaqui Sadler Flickr

Radioclit warmed up the folded arms indie crowd with monstrous Coupe Decale/Kuduro/Kwaito tracks like Township Funk before Esau took to the stage and sang his tunes with a smile that immediately filled the club. Harmonies so on point that you could hardly tell the difference between his live vocals and the pre-recorded backing vocals. The incredible melodies of Kamphopo & Tengazako 2 over the tight tropical carnival beats of Radioclit warmed the heart of the most jaded Londoner. I even saw some drunk city boys in suits jumping around. This is why Esau's music will make him a star. Joined by the ever entertaining Marina (ex Bonde Do Role) and two African dancers, they left the stage having won the crowd over completo. The final Secousse was Afro-tropical-trance mayhem.

Good things about living in London this week No.2:

DJ/Rupture is playing at Corsica studios, Elephant & Castle  tonight with JahDan on the mic. See you there.

DJ Panik Meets Los Rakas, Downtown!

A little while back I posted about a group called Los Rakas, a Bay Area based rap/reggae duo with Panamanian roots.

After linking up with the homies at Bersa Discos they put on a great show at their monthly party Tormenta Tropical. Oro 11 was nice enough to give me some videos and pics.

Also playing was DJ Panik of the Super Cumbia Bros. Cumbia/Crunk Mixtapes:

Oro 11 & Disco Shawn of Bersa Discos:

We all had a great time!

Look for more video and pics from these guys on the web soon.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Kwaito Acid House

DJ Mujava -Township Funk

Friday, July 04, 2008

Baile Fest Berlin

A ridiculously heavy line up of the Man Recordings family on July 19th in Berlin. The Melt festival makes Glastonbury look like a jokers day out.

And a special


1. Intro
2. DJ Edgar "Boxe vs. Axel F"
3. Veronica Costa vs. Switch vs. Fatboy Slim "Dece Glamourosa Champion Sound - Edu K Mashup"
4. Daniel Haaksman feat. SD Boys "Parolar De Veso"
5. Crookers "Il Brutto"
6. Mark Ronson "Valerie - Count + Sinden Mix vs. DJ Conhecido - Edu K Mashup"
7. Stereotyp feat. Edu K + Joyce Muniz "Jeçe Valadão - Rob B/Stereo MCs Edit"
8. Buraka Som Sistema "Yah - Count+Sinden Remix"
9. DJ Sandrinho "Yazoo Medley"
10. Crookers "Lollypop/Crookers "Sveglia - Oh Snap Remix"
11. DJ Beware + MC Gringo "Tamborzão Con Scratchy"
12. Skream "Midnight Request Line Remix - Scottie B Remix"
13. Deize Tigrona "Injeção"
14. Bonde Do Role "Marina Gasolina Remix Buraka Som Sistema Dub"
15. DJ Znobia "Dandale"

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Los Cumbias Viajes

If you are in the US or Canada this summer be sure to catch the Zizek crew on tour with their special brand of incredible warped Argentine electro-Cumbia. All the info here and here.

07.10.08 (LAMC) @ SOBs - New York City, New York w/ Toy Selectah
07.11.08 @ Club Lambi - Montreal, Canada
07.12.08 (Ritmo y Color Festival) @ Brigantine Room - Toronto, Ontario
07.14.08 @ TBA
07.15.08 @ TBA - Detroit, Michigan
07.16.08 @ Sonotheque - Chicago, IL
07.17.08 @ TBA - Cleveland, Ohio
07.18.08 @ TBA
07.19.08 @ SOBs - New York City, New York
07.22.08 @ Nectar – Seattle, Washington
07.23.08 @ Berbati’s Pan – Portland, Oregon
07.24.08 @ Mezzanine -San Francisco, CA w/ Bersa Discos & Drop the Lime
07.25.08 @ TBA - Los Angeles, CA
07.26.08 @ Getty Museum - Los Angeles, California
07.31.08 @ Pasaguero - Mexico City, Mexico w/ Las Kumbia Queers
08.02.08 @ Syntheticrocks - Mexico City, Mexico


And to go with the tour check out this cracking cumbia mash up podcast from Villa Diamante over at XLR8R.

"An hour's worth of grime, funk, hip-hop, ragga, and, of course cumbia, the undisputed star of the Zizek crew's musical doings and highly danceable form of music."


Also check DJ/Rupture's excellent cumbia piece in the new Fader.


Please Don't Hurt 'em

After years of screwfacing it seems 2008 will be the year that grime gets stoopid. JME covers 'U Can't Touch This' cunningly retitled 'Fcuk This Shit'.

Free Download on his page

The new album, Famous,  is out July 14th. I think it will be very good.

Coupe Decale Documentary

In three months we will see the release of F3K Films Coupe Decale documentary. Shot in Bidjan, Paris, London, Accra and Lome, the film will be released on DVD and with both French and Portuguese subtitles.

The London based production team have previously shot music videos and a feature but are now turning their hands to present the Coupe Decale story from the artists and fans in the scene. It was co-produced it with Ivorian entertainment group, FITW.

The producers tell me its 'PURE FLAVOUR from the Ivory Coast'. And if this trailer is anything to go by, its going to be an absolutete BANGER.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Trans-Atlantic Merende Style

It seems a good time to finally post on a connection that I had made, which may be superficial, but remains an exciting discovery for me to make.

The past couple Sierra Leone parties/events that I've been to, I noticed a fast, double-timed drum music, programmed on synthesizers, that for some reason I've been associating with the Mende, but I can't quite remember why.  Always wanting to represent for my own people, and add an African perspective to the electronic global conversation, I've been trying to chase down recordings of this music but haven't been able to find the ones I've hear at the parties. Next time I'm home, I'm going to track it down. Here's a video of a Salone party where they play it at 1:00 minute.

Sierra Leone/Gambia Party

Anyway, back SF Carnaval weekend, I was djing with DJ Rajah at Bollyhood Cafe in SF, and I came out of the bathroom and he was playing a music that sounded just like that Mende music. I ran up to Rajah and asked where he got that! He told me it was from the Dominican Republic, and later he emailed me some tracks. I guess it was GaGa that he was playing?

Well take a listen for yourself. Are you hearing any similarities?

Here's a Dadday Saj video of Mende music:

Here's a parade during Semana Santa(?) in Boca Chica:

A track from Sierra Leone:

Refugee Allstars-Pat Malonthone

And a Merengue (or Mambo?) track from Republica Dominicana:

Banda Gorda-No Se Acaba el Mambo

I've been hearing similarities in other musics like Mbalax as well. Expect a mix soon! Plus, if any Sierra Leoneans come across this post and know where to get this music let me know!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I'm playing a special Latin Bassquake set at NONAME, part of the ¡VAMOS! Latin Festival in Newcastle on Saturday July 12th. 

Alongside Baile funk Art rockers, Tetine.

 Its outdoors in a tunnel behind a pub and is going to be lots of summer fun. Free entry!