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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cumbia of DEATH!

An Tings...

Some more tracks from out my basement. These are from a mixtape, "An Tings" by singer/poet/performance artist Khalil Anthony currently outta Oakland, futurely heading to the U.K.

It's fun to throw on an instrumental and see what people do with it:

Four Corners of the Sun


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Change Gon' Come

Here's a track I produced for a rapper, Cracker One:

Cracker One-Obama

Click here for an explanation.

Cold Cold World

The first live Dubstep gig I went to was at a small venue called SF Underground in San Francisco. The crunk meets reggae meets everything heavy mix was exciting and fresh to me, it reminded of the first time I heard Lil' John and Bia Bia'ed and threw my bows.

About a month ago, I went to Surya Dub's party in SF. I thought the resident crew killed it, and guest Maga Bo amazed me by doing live remixes of traditional sounding Brazilian tunes with Dancehall beats. Without getting too much into detail tho', the headlining DJ, The Bug threw me a little bit. Perhaps I didn't get it.

Until I saw this:

This video aesthetic reminds me of something... on top of a building... industrial city... tough mugging directly into the camera... think back... the 90's?... ... ... ... Wu Tang! Now I think back and remember that The Bug was wearing a Wu Tang T-shirt, and finally it dawned on me. This is that stripped down, northern industrial (cold) city, street music, but through a U.K./Jamaica interpretive lens.

Suddenly, perhaps I get it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Newcastlers - Sat 1st Nov

The Ghetto Bassquake Tropical Bass storm arrives in Newcastle again.

Catch me at the opening of Nancy's Bordello.

All the info is here.

Its gonna Pour.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Darkness Beckons..

The nights are drawing in and its getting colder in olde London town. And what better soundtrack, as people hurry about their business, than a fat dubstep mix from Caspa: Packed full of some of the sickest basslines this side of Christmas. Oh my Gosh.

Caspa - Fabric Promo Mix


1. Caspa - My pet Monster - Digital Sound Boy
2. Klaxtons - Its Not Over - Skream Remix
3. Rusko - Mr Muscle - Sub Soldiers
4. Caspa - Louder VIP - Sub Soldiers
5. Caspa - Floor Them - Digital Sound Boy
6. Emalkay - Explicit - Dub Police
7. Sub Scape - Transaction - Dub Police
8. The Others - Africa VIP - Dub Police
9. Unitz - Wait A Minute - Dub Police
10. Rusko - Jahova - Sub Soldiers
11. Caspa - The Terminator - Sub Soldiers
12. TC - Where's My Money - Caspa Remix - DStyle
13. Skream - Fick - Tempa

Monday, October 20, 2008

Straight from the Boston Woods

Pic: La Paz, Bolivia from Vamanos Flickr

Wayne & Wax drops a killer seven minutes of chopped up funk as part of the final Blogariddims mix. Riding the Bam Bam riddim he goes from Prince to Cutty Ranks to Kuduro like its nothing. Mad skills.

Wayne & Wax - Bam Bam Big! (Direct Download)

>> Lowell Fulson, “Tramp”
>> Otis Redding & Carla Thomas, “Tramp”
>> Cypress Hill, “How I Could Just Kill a Man”
>> Prince, “7″
>> Sly & Robbie, “Bam Bam Riddim”
>> Chaka Demus & Pliers, “Murder She Wrote”
>> Cutty Ranks, “A Who Seh Me Dun”
>> Cutty Ranks, “Limb By Limb” (original + jungle remix by DJ SS)
>> Janet Lee Davis, “I Will Always Love You”
>> DJ Playero, “DJ Playero Pistas #7″
>> DJ Playero, “DJ Playero Pistas #9″
>> ??, “Bubbling MSN Remix”

Catch him and Baile funk MPC fire meister, Cabide DJ in Boston tomorrow night.

And from what I'm hearing on these live radio mixes, he pretty much smashes up that thing. Meu deus!

Demphra Interview

Check out Fulbright Winner, Larnies's posting of an interview she did with Demphra., It's short, but it gives an inside perspective on Reggae in Panama.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Highlife Party

In San Francisco this Saturday Night:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Very Best Mixtape

A Big Day in Secousse land. Its a Malawi-London Takeover. We are crazily excited to present our friend's EXCLUSIVE massive new mixtape. These tracks are pre-album heat from Radioclit and Esau Mwamwaya: The Very Best

A veritable tonne of Esau Mwamwaya freestyles over all kinds of beats, instrumentals and specially recorded tracks. There's heavy kwaito pressure from Mujava, tropical Afro-funk from BLK JKS, Ruby Suns and Vampire Weekend, even Michael Jackson. All tracks mixed, screwed and chopped by Radioclit at the wheel. They're calling him the African Phil Collins and in this gloomy time I think thats exactly what we need. Esau is going to be massive. No doubt.

It's coming out as a free download on 1st November and a release on US label Green Owl, who will also do a cd version and a 7 inch to go with it.

Get it now.


Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit - The Very Best mixtape

1) Kamphopo
vocals : Esau Mwamwaya
music : Architecture In Helsinki 'Heart it races'

2) Wena
vocals : Esau mwamwaya and Bleksem
music : DJ Cleo 'Wena'

3) Tengazako
vocals : Esau Mwamwaya
music : M.I.A 'Paper planes' (prod : Diplo)

4) Chikondi
vocals : Esau Mwamwaya
music : Hans Zimmer 'True Romance Theme'

5) Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (The Very Best Remix)
vocals: Esau Mwamwaya
music: Radioclit and Vampire Weekend

6) Hide And Seek
vocals : Esau Mwamwaya and Teki Latex
music : TTC 'Batards Sensibles' (prod : Para One)

7) Salota
vocals : Esau Mwamwaya and Blk Jks
music : Cannibal Ox 'Life's Ill' (Prod : El-P)

8) Boyz
vocals : Esau Mwamwaya, Akon and M.I.A
music : M.I.A 'Boyz' (prod : Switch)

9) Sister Betina
vocals : Esau Mwamwaya and Mgarimbe
music : Mgarimbe 'Sister Betina' (prod: DJ Mujava)

10) Birthday
vocals : Esau Mwamwaya and The Ruby Suns
music : The Ruby Suns (cover of the Beatles ' Birthday' for Mojo Magazine)

11) Funa Funa
vocals : Esau Mwamwaya
music : Radioclit

12) Kada Manja (classic version)
vocals : Esau Mwamwaya
music : Radioclit

13) Dinosaur Of The Lost Ark (The Very Best remix)
vocals : Esau Mwamwaya and Ben Brewer
music : Bermuda

14) Get it Up (The Very Best Remix)
vocals : Esau Mwamwaya, Santogold, M.I.A and Northern Cree
music : Radioclit

15) Will You Be There
vocals : Esau Mwamwaya and Michael Jackson
music : Michael Jackson 'Will You Be There'

Monday, October 13, 2008

Primero Sonidero

Pic: Thanks to lap0la's Flickr

We've been a big fan of Mexico's Toy Selectah! ever since he produced Celso Pina's massive cross-over nueva cumbia anthem, Cumbia Sobre El Rio.

And seeings as he's recently been dropping bomb after cumbia mash up bomb on the world, we thought it was time for an interview>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hi Toy Selectah. How's it going ?

HOLA COMPADRES!!! What up? I'm here chillin like a mexican villian....

..At the estudio13 in Monterrey Mexico, I just got back from weekend gigs around Mexico. Thanx for reaching out. I always like to share things with colleagues and music lovers all over.

You're from Monterrey which I've heard is a pretty important city in Mexico for the sonidero soundsystem djs. Is that right?

Yes i'm from Monterrey Mexico, a Northeast city pretty close (225 km) to the US Texas Border. Monterrey is a very important city for music, entertainment and show bizz. Almost every international artist that does a worldwide tour stops in Monterrey, and Mexico City from MGMT to DAFT PUNK to GORAN BREGOVIC.

And going more into your question, I think there are 5 or 6 key cities which are really important for the Sonidero and all Cumbia (New Skool and Old Skool). Monterrey, Mexico City, Puebla, Rio Grande Area, Houston and Queens NY.

Mexico City is home to 25 million people, think about that...

Monterrey has around 4 to 5 million, pretty much Texas style but south of the border, an industrial and financial state capital.

What happened here is that original CUMBIA COLOMBIANA sound been adopted since the 60's in a region that goes from here and even a little more southern province called SAN LUIS POTOSI and the other Northeast border states TAMAULIPAS and COAHUILA to Texas RIO GRANDE VALLEY AREA, SAN ANTONIO, DALLAS and HOUSTON.

But at the same time Mexico City got a long time taking CUMBIA and the other common Tropical styles and Riddims like SALSA and MAMBO ( Remember Mambo went MASSIVE going out from Mexico City ) to the next level.

But what happened here is that Monterrey was the place that took the rural, rootsy, hard core style of CUMBIA SABANERA - Corraleros del Majagual, Andres Landero (THE ONE THAT
JOE STRUMMER MENTIONS IN HIS LAST DOCUMENTARY), Aniceto Molina, Policarpo Calle and Lisandro Meza style, made it the URBAN GHETTO SOUND of this town.

So, Sonideros have been a key element to the expansion and trans-culturization of this sound, because all this happened in records and soundsystems over the BARRIOS. By the late 70s CUMBIA started to be emulated by local musicians and bands. By the mid 80s some of them went TOP RANKIN Pop artists.

The same happened in Texas, the same in Mexico City and other regions, even different styles and genres arrived when the cumbia riddim (just the rhythmic core and other elements) were mixed with other regional mexican sounds.

You recently did some shows here in the London with the Lucha Libre wrestlers. How was that? What kind of beats are the wrestlers into?

Yes and it was not just for the LUCHA LIBRE, a month after Roundhouse shows, I went back there and did like 2 weeks of gigs that includes BIG CHILL FESTIVAL, NOTTING HILL ARTS CLUB - FutureWorldFunk Night, gigs at other venues and pubs... an appearance on London's KISS FM Live MIX on Sinden's Show.

But about the wrestlers music, the soundtrack aim was to create a combination of sounds that reflects what music gets mexican wrestlers excited, at the same time connecting with the LONDON Massive.

So, some Old Skool Cumbia, Sonidero Nacional Remixes of big latin hits, UK tracks with a Mexican Twist and stuff like that...

At the LUCHA LIBRE LONDON I was a kind of a curator first, aside of the DJ performance, and I really enjoyed it...I think this December we are going back to make it happen. As well as some other regular UK DJ gigs before the end of the year.

Your A Milli cumbia remix (below) is big right now. Any more more cumbia refixes in the pipeline ?

I've been working and consulting on some compilations, also I've been focused on a 12" release I'm doing with MAD DECENT in late November, that will be completed as an EP for March 2009. Also working on some new sound that i've been calling RAVERTON: A combination of Rave, Baltimore, New Skool, electro, Cumbia, Reggaeton and other Caribbean upbeat riddims. So I'm sure you will digg that a lot.

I think we will too. Thanks Toy.

Li'l Wayne - A Milli (Toy Selctah! Remix)

Beautiful Losers

I'm playing some tunes at a party for the Beautiful Losers premiere. Its on Saturday 18th Oct in London. Click on the flyer below for details.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Grime Cave Reloads 01

I found the keys to the Grime Cave. There's a lot of dust and badly labeled white labels. There's also a lot of treasure. For some reason, a few grime tunes in 2003 took on a heavy oriental theme, chinese flutes, japanese drum sounds, general playstation oriental vibes.

Wiley possibly had something to do with this. Roll Deep's Danny Weed made this bouncing dub which wouldn't sound out of place on the soundtrack to Kung Fu Hustle.

Danny Weed - Blue Rizla

Jammer's crazy production has quite a slow tempo in comparison to other dubs from that time. It begins with a 'colombian' voice of someone called Diablo dedicating the tune to 'all the marijuana smokers' before launching into a bizarre bit of abstact grimery.

Jammer - Weed Man

Scampia Buisness

Roberto Saviano's book is amazing. Thankfully the film version IS ALL THAT TOO. If you liked City of God & Scarface, go see...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tectonic Shifts

We on some double post tip today, so here's both....


I had a chance to listen to the epic new mix by some bloke called DJ/ Rupture, you might have heard of him. Its a fire cracker.

Goldteeth Thief and Minesweeper Suite were pretty inspirational round here and it feels like (wait, it is!) years since those dropped. Featuring loads of artists I've never heard of, the whole thing is like some underwater dubstep symphony played by bassline loving crabs on the seabed. In other words, otherworldly and DEEP as it gets. Out now on Agriculture Records.

Here's the first track from DJ/Rupture - Uproot

Baby Kites and Nokea - Reef


DJ Rupture's new mix CD Uproot is one of those DJ Mixes that is really more than just a DJ Mix. Trust me I think I've downloaded about 3000 DJ mixes in the past 2 years. This one is one of the few that it won't do Justice to just listen to one track, or skip ahead, or do anything but just sit there and listen uninterrupted for the duration. Rupture is a one of those cats that understands that a DJ mix is a journey, not an iTunes playlist. That being said, it's even more than an album. This is an end to end holistic musical piece, more like a symphony, with Mr. Rupture as the conductor. And I'm not just making that comparison because of the fact that at one point he actually brings in an Orchestra! It makes you want to go back to listen again and again and catch the nuances that you missed the first time.

You missed it the first time cause you were stuck in the Matrix. Maybe smoke something. Maybe do like they did with the Wizard of Oz and Dark Side of the Moon, and put on the movie The Matrix without the sound, loop the mix and see what syncs up, cause it sounds like what the Space Rastas would listen to as they cruise through the real world on a reconnaissance mission trying to keep the evil corporate machines from getting the key codes to Zion. Actually if they're space Rastas, would they really want to listen to something that makes them feel like they're more in Space than they actually are? Maybe space Rastas would listen to John Denver.

I guess to sum it up this is a like a symphony made by Beethoven, except Beethoven is a Space Rasta, and he now goes by the name DJ Rupture, and instead of some futuristic time where evil corporate machines rule sunless world, the time is now, and if you haven't already picked up this CD, you should have done it yesterday!

What Move You?

Kuduromatic put up a song with rhythms, melodies, and vocal stylings that sound to me like Angolans being influenced by West African Hiplife, Coupe Decale or Zouglou. Perhaps it's a nod to Congolese Soukous, the name Langa Langa recalling my favorite Soukous group Zaiko Langa Langa.

DJ Papi Chulo and Alidjuma-Langa Langa

Maybe I'm wrong about that, and this is purely Angolan, but I picture in my head someone in Angola listening at a distance to a song from a place they've never been and being influenced enough to try to replicate that with their own musical dialect. It excites me to think that the rhythms and understanding would come naturally in this trans-national musical conversation.

I grew up within earshot of mid-nineties Chicago, Dance Mania's heyday. I didn't know what the songs were that made their way into radio DJ sets and middle school dance parties alongside songs from Luke, Tag Team, or perhaps Quad City DJ's. I more remember the sex education I received from watching my schoolmates dance. I fondly recall one "hip hop" party where the kids were freaking to Underworld.

At family parties I danced to music from far away places like Trinidad, The Congo and Cameroon.

Kuduro, for me, mixes the family party rhythm, with the middle school party attitude. A message of understanding from Africa.

A friend told me the other day, "your ancestors are talking to you."

Maybe they're just mediating the conversations I have with other people.

45 Mins of BSS

Buraka Som Sistema - DJ Set 2008

Thanks to Trouble & Bass

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Goodness

Some excellent photos of Angola on er.. Angola Em Fotos

Radioclit & Esau Mwamwaya are The Very Best. Get some tracks at GvB

77Klash & Johnny Osbourne's great video for Mad Again at Cyan Wait

DJ Amazing clay mixtape at Man Recorder

And If you liked that...DJ Edgar mixtape also at Man Recorder

Bizarre reggaetony-Jumpstyle-Euro-caribbean fun weirdness in a Dutch Antilles Hood Mix at Mad Decent

Mining African music blogs article and a handy guide on New Yorks' Village Voice. Both with a little mention of GBQ.

Photos of The Darien Gap, the treacherous jungle between Panama and Colombia at Dark Roasted Blend

Great podcast from Dusk and Blackdown at XLR8R

And finally The Best subscribeable radio shows on the innanet are still:

DJ/ Rupture's Mudd Up
Masala's CISM

The Weather in Haiti