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Monday, January 19, 2009

Funkuro 1.0

Are Funkeiros making kuduro funk? Are my tired, bass battered ears deceiving me ?

Can anyone who speaks Portuguese tell me what he's singing about.

Pixadão - Passinho do Kuduro

EDIT: Soundsgood has upped the knowledege and a video in the comments. Check it out...


SoundGoods said...

Hey, very interesting! Yes, that sounds like kudufunk! He just says that he is presenting the dance of the future: kuduro. Then describes how people should dance (that seems not much diferent from regular funk dance, but maybe one have to watch him dancing it) and later says that he is releasing this dance style in Brazil, but that it's from Angola and the regular animating shouting... It seems that Kuduro is becoming more and more popular in Brazil, a fact that is shown as well by the recent kuduro dance contest in Brazilian TV. Check the comments in the "Kuduro do Futuro"-post on my blog for a link to the TV show.

SoundGoods said...

Vamanos said...

Thanks so much for this. Awesome to get an explanation and so quickly.

Joseph Pujol said...

Thanks for that sound !! Grande Som !!

SoundGoods...i'm gonna dig your blog too. Incredible fresh sounds here.

See ya gentlemen.

I'm a froggy, so i give you a french link. The guy is one of our most famous rapper : Joey Starr (NTM - FuckYourMotha)

Check : "Pose ton Gun II" (Hold your gun down part II)