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Monday, January 26, 2009

Pasame la Botella

Carnaval is round the corner, and while I haven't heard too much about goings on elsewhere, Panama has caught Hatian fever. I picked up a Hatian megamix in Panama City, and it seems that this year producers have picked up the Compa and Zouk as the sound du jour this Carnaval... day?

I also have to point out this post by Fabian over at the Africolombia blog. It's a great juxtaposition of Caribbean and African Francophone tunes that have been picked up by or influenced Dominicans and Colombians. It reminds me of my excitement for Coupe Decale being reflected in some Reggaeton a while back.

Here is Mach & Daddy, and Jr. Ranks with Agua y Guaro, a great Hatian influenced heater of a tune. I played it last week at the Baobab inauguration party and the folks were gettin' down!

Agua y Guaro (Water & Liquor)

Speaking of the inauguration, I didn't do an Obama post over here, so I thought I would share this great live juggling set at Coppershot Disco @ Blitz Tuesdayz (via Dancehall Mobi) during an Obama celebration last week. Enjoy!

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