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Monday, January 26, 2009

¡Viva Bolivia! No Politico...

But I've been wanting to post this for Bolivia:

El Humahuaqueño

This is King Africa, who is Argentine, but it's a great party track whose rhythm at least references the Andes.

I'm a gringo who admires Evo from a distance. I understand there are those who dislike him in his own country and those who support him fully. They have clashed violently in recent times. The decidedly split opinion of the gente allá is an interesting contrast to the current state of mind of many of U.S. citizenry, but you can't ignore lurking frustration and violence that has surfaced in recent weeks here as well.

Indigenous youth in Bolivia are taking up the fight in their musical expression:

Here's to moving towards a peaceful revolution all across the Americas.

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