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Friday, January 23, 2009

Volcanics Mix Erupts!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to return to Nicaragua for a little trip. Bootleg Cd stalls lined the street and the sound of cumbia blasted out everywhere. The music in Central America is pretty special because it has a huge melting pot of influences from South America, the US and the Caribbean, so you get an awesome soundclash of amazing tropical sounds. A musical mash up isthmus as well as a geographical one.

Reggaeton, Cumbia, Bachata, Hip Hop, Dancehall and Merengue are still massive there but I kept hearing this new uptempo club sound which I guess is rowdy latino Booty Bass house. Hooolllly shit! After deciphering what the tracks actually are from the photocopied sleeves covered with naked chicas sitting on cars, I've put together a mix of some of my favourites. Also look out here soon for loads more stuff like Coast music, tropical cumbia from Nicaragua's Caribbean coast.

La Matraca has a special place in my heart. I heard it pounding full volume on a local bus one morning. Funny and heavy at the same time. I found it later in a market which was lucky as I don't think I could have left Nicaragua without it. Maybe its the new Chacarron? Los Arremangadorres agree!

Enough talk. Party time amigos. Crack open the rum.


Vamanos - Volcanics

El General - Digame Cual
Tito - Vengo Caliente
Dolmus - El Gatito
DJ Warner - Tra Tra (DJ Tony remix)
Nejo & Dalmata ft. Arcangel - Algo Musical
JR Ranks -Yo Se Lo Toco (Remix)
Los Guajiros - Veo Veo
DJ Saidd - Wasso Coolie Remix
Mr. V - Put Your Drink Down (Bob Sinclar Remix)
DJ Glenn - La Matraca (Remix)
Enrique Flores - Si Quieres
Ricky T ft. Mr Vegas -Pressure Boom (Remix)


Dave Quam said...

haven't listened yet, but I'm Psyched. Awesome cover!

Dave Quam said...

real crazy mix, loved it

Vamanos said...

Cheers Dave.

jay said...

can you repost it?

Dave Quam said...

there is one track that i was actually expecting triggermans to come orleans bounce-like...very cool

jay said...


Bendude / Benoit Liard said...

Really inspiring mix! Great speed and old school flavor!

I've listen to it more than 6 times today!!! :)