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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Caan You Feeeel It??

The official map of House Music Density per square centimeter in Southern Africa.

Angola and Mozambique have got me goin crazy. ESH has inspired me to submit my entry in the Global House mix category:

Afrocan House Mix-Chief Boima

Come listen to it tonight (Thursday) at Otis Lounge in San Francisco. Info here + Ramblings


1. Fuego-Dejalo Caer
2. Dj Furreta-Minha Mangole
3. Unathi-U R Devine
4. DJ Damost-Wa Ku Kuluka feat. Mr. Dino
5. DJ Jesus-The Thanks
6. Bob Sinclair-The Love Generation
7. Dj Furreta-Ola La Yeah
8. Dj Joca-Djokidos
9. Dj Cleo-Gabz to Mbabane w/Brickz
10. Black Runner-Pump It Up
11. Magic System-Zouglou Dance
12. Dj Killer-Revolucionário
13. Murder Cat-Blam Blam
14. Enur-Calabria Riddim
15. Ding Dong-Go Away
16. ?-?
17. Goapele-Closer (Remix)

My biggest excitement is the regional similarities. A bunch of tracks are from Southern Africa: Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Angola, and not included, but don't forget Botswana. Also, as evidenced by the start and end of the set, house is big in Latin America and the Caribbean.

I added a little Bay Area pride at the end. (But still reppin South Africa!)

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hot mix. i'm producing for afropopworldwide on PRI and would dig working with u, hyping the blog, etc.. hit me: