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Monday, February 23, 2009


The grey grey skies of England make me want to be in Brazil this week. Wouldn't even mind if it rained. Anyway...Caarrrrnivvaalll post.

Brooklyn's very own baile funk princess, Zuzuka smashes up SOBs in NY with Cabide DJ and the Vigarista crew. Heavy, raw funk carioca the way the lord intended.

Can someone remind me of the nasty 80s sax sample in this ???

Cabide DJ - Tira Onda Montagem Tipo Colombia


Tecno Brega is cheesy techno from Para in Northern Brazil - Sound System clashing Amazon Rave. It's self sustained pirate economy is a pretty cool business model for these emerging genres working outside of the traditional national music industries. The BBC (!) investigates.

“What is going on is that people, sometimes in very poor areas, are appropriating electronic instruments like computers and synthesizers to create their own music,” says Ronaldo Lemos, a professor at the respected Getulio Vargas Foundation.

“So this is a phenomenon that is going on not only in the tecnobrega scene but with many scenes around the world like Kuduro in Angola, Kwaito in South Africa, Bubblin’ in Suriname.”

Tecno Brega is now a multi-million dollar music industry. With their music selling well in the street markets and a huge hit in the sound system parties, the artists can also go on to organise their own shows and earn their own profits."

And here's the first part of a great little documentary, 'Good Copy, Bad Copy', on Tecno Brega.

Part 2

And for the real jungle sound check Rio's Soundgoods crazy Tecno Brega mixtape here


And finally a pic of some dudes with blue noses at Barranquilla carnival, Colombia.


Birdseed said...

The rest of Good Copy, Bad Copy is very interesting too. I recommend the bit about Nollywood especially. (And it's available free on-line.)

(I'm not sure if I'm allowed to recommend torrents here, but there's an enormous and excellent collection of Tecnobrega available on Pirate Bay. A lot of it is much less cheesy then the stuff in the movie.)

UrbanWorld said...

The sax sample is also used in Rune RK - Calabria and Enur ft Natasha - Calabria 2007 but i dont know if that is the source

Vamanos said...

Its an old 80s pop tune like Sade or George Michael or something..??

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but I think the sample is Kenny G, yeah I know!!

Vamanos said...

Whoa. New lows on Ghetto Bassquake! Cheers.

What song though?

Vamanos said...

Kenny G did a song called Brazil!!!!

Its shit.

SoundGoods said...

heck my Tecno Brega/Electro Melody mixtape here:


Zangvil DJ said...

No Kenny G...
Thats Dire Straits - Your Latest Trick
One of the most beautiful songs ever