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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Like all these little (Big? cheers Warp) sub genres, you get sucked in. The Bump'n'grine of Pritori's slow Acid House starts with Mujava and Cleo, ends with the rest of the world ( your local record store if it hasn't closed down yet).

The Fader's Eddie Stats pirates the audio, ripping tracks off Youtube to bring a mix of the latest SA Afro-Tribal heaviness. Gotta say, for me, this bangs harder than any UK funky tracks I've heard. The plodding drums and sub electro bass make this the sound of Secousse and soon eveerryyywhhheeere.

And Township Funk is yet another reminder that this club music is taking over. The old 'world music' economy is about get an serious overhaul=These artists getting PAID. Feels like 09 will be the year that these bass heavy sounds explodes.

DJ Eddie Stats - Ghetto Palms Kwaito and Pitori House Blend

(direct download from The Fader)

Kwaito/Pitori House blend:
DJ Cleo, “Kata Kata”
DJ Cleo, “Mind Ckuf”
DJ Cleo ft. Bleksem, “Wena”
DJ Mujava, “Moribo”
DJ Mujava, “Township Funk”
Trompies, “Ngwanesu”
Bojo Mujo, “Areyeng”
Zulu Naja, “Ndiya Ndiya”

Check Eddie's Ghetto Palms Tropical Realness posts at The Fader. But you probably do already.

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Marflix said...

nice mix.. like it!