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Friday, February 13, 2009

Mardi Gras Mambo

I've been following a little tha Kid Slizzard's great blog Twankle & Glisten, who is apparently my neighbor cause he shops at bookstores down the street from where I work. Along with some homies, he's really been gettin' IN to some New Orleans bounce.

I've always been attracted to that New Orleans verbal flow, that first TRU album has always been one of my favorites (Uhhhh!). And one of the seminal Bounce acts is apparently my cousin, MC TT Tucker. Wonder if he got peoples in Sierra Leone? (My homie in the neighborhood who shares my last name asks me if I got people in Arkansas, and even tho I say no, swears that I got the Tucker nose. I then tell him we got hella peeps in West Africa. Family pride can go a long way!)

Anyway, I heard this cat Curren$y on a mixtape and immediately was drawn to/identified a New Orleans flow. Did a little googling and saw he is a former member of the newest 504 boys (the New Orleans Menudo?) long side Lil' Romeo (who's got to be like 30 now no?)

I know Rap-Jazz comparisons can be a little tired, but there seems to be this early Jazz cadence to the raps of some the guys down there. Peep the Curren$y track next to a mix I did of Where U From? by TRU.

Curren$y-Top of the Money

From Forthcoming This Ain't No Mixtape

TRU-Where U From? (Chief Boima Remix)

From Ironmilitis Vol 2.

Gotta show respect to the northernmost Carnaval (Mardi Gras):

Bounce vs. 2nd Line!:

Too much music out of that place!