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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spanish Africa

Afrika-Escucha tu Interior

This track stood out as my favorite on the Gym Riddim, by Germans Kingstone Sound. It's a pretty track with a great vocal, but what really got me was the intro that shouted out Guinea Equatorial. I don't know who Afrika is, I've looked, but the name is a hard one to Google. The first time I listened I must have missed the intro so I was expecting someone from the Spanish speaking Caribbean, but BIG UP Guinea Equatorial!

When I mention this Spanish speaking sub-Saharan African country, a lot folks at least stateside are surprised that Spain had a colonial influence in that part of the world. Why don't we hear more about Guinea Equatorial? They've had their moments of shine, but it's not often you hear about one of Africa's smallest countries.

This track by las Hijas del Sol is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Hijas del Sol-Tirso de Molina

Guinea Equatorial representa!

Update: Afrika's Myspace,
(Gracias a The Original Bandolero)


Sneak said...

Thanks for the tracks. They are both very nice. Showing you guys some love over here:

I'd love for you to come spin at one of my parties in sf. If you're interested hit me up.

El Original Bandolero said...


here's her myspace for everybody interested, she living in the basque country (euskal herria), northern spain..

booking, management is done by (Barcelona)

Boima said...

Thank You for dat one.