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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Abidjan's Doin the Stanky Leg

Ok, maybe not, but the Glissement got me tryin to bring back my best moonwalk. Matter of fact I used to moonwalk to just about EVERYTHING!

Updates from the California coast? It's getting colder! I'm tellin you, winter folks, 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) is not warm!

San Francisco's got me busy, but I'm excited for Tormenta Tropical (at the Elbo Room) this Saturday. DJ RUPTURE! and MC Mextape. Longside Bersa Discos crewers Oro 11 and Disco Shawn before they head off to Tejas. If you're in the vicinity of California, you get to choose from two. DJ Lengua on the bill in Los Angeles on Friday night.


Soul Cocina said...

Yeah I got 2nd place in the Moonwalk contest at Nicki Petronelli's birthday party in 3rd grade. He got first place cause it was his birthday and his moms was the judge... Just sayin.

You must have been like 3 or 4 years old back then... wish Youtube was around then so we could compare your moonwalk to mine. Guess we'll have to have a moonwalk-off at the Elbo Room on Saturday to settle this.

Boima said...

Oooo! A MoonWalk Off! I can't wait. I'm gonna season mine with a little Stank Leg. How's that taste chef man?!?