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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Corridos Jai-Fi en la Bahia

Shout out San Leandro High School, where I DJ'd today at lunch for a dance contest for their Latino's Unidos club. It was fun to see all the youngsters gettin' down to the Cumbia, and Durangense, Merengue, and asking me to play more BANDA! and do you have more BANDA?!?! and unfortunately for me I only had like one Banda tune, so the lil' homie Hector came through with his collection.

This is one of the ones I played:

Alacranes Musical-Si te vuelves a enamorar (Direct Download)

But one thing that REALLY got me LOLing when I got back home was when I looked up this song, which was begged for after the bell rang by two eager to dance young ladies:

For those who don't speak Spanish, El Hyphy means The Hyphy!

Correction: Los Amos de Nueva Leon-El Hyphy (Direct Download)
(Thanks Rajah!)

Apparently it's a movement. And the parents HATE THE LYRICS!

I hear San Leandro High is gearing up for their Noche de Carnaval Friday night, before the 3 day weekend (Cesar Chavez day on Monday!) have fun folks!

Oh! And R.I.P. Mac Dre.


Soul Cocina said...

It's actually Los Amos De Nueva Leon. There other big tunes include "Desmadre en el Bano" and "El Motherfucker"! Gotta wear a gold pendant of Jesus Malverde around your neck and offer a cigar and tequila to La Santa Muerte when you play this music.

And yeah that Mudd Up radio with Geko Jones a while back was a great show. Tropical heat.

enz said...

Love this stuff. Y'know where 2 find more Banda/Hyphy?

Also blends nice with some Bavarian Gstanzl-Donk:


Boima said...

I know at least Los Amos is on iTunes where I am.

I tell you I'm lovin' that Germany NorteƱo connection!

Boima said...

I'm afraid to think how I'll sucked into that Donk machine.