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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Dutty Dutty Artz

Man. I've been catching up on my Rupture radio and I finally listened to the show where Geko Jones guested. The stuff he was playing on there blew my mind! And then he comes out with this!

Afro Colombian, Afro Panamanian, Garifuna, CaribeƱo music resonates deeply in my musical heart. And here it is presented with such FUERZA! Dutty Artz fam goin in hard on Colombia. It's a take ova!

Geko Jones-La Nueva Guaracha (Direct Download)

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Or listen to the two latest monsters here!:

Matt Shadetek-Get Drunk and Loose Your Phone=sometimes just loose my phone.

Lamin-Recession Rap Jams=necessary listening for a blog called Ghetto Bassquake.


For all the lucky New Yorkers, a Dutty Artz throwdown on Friday!

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