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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Another Hit and Run!

Photo by Pieter Hugo (Musina 20)

Khiasma at mighty Masala MTL, just posted a COUPE DECALE mix!!!

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Regular Ghetto Bassquakers should be familiar with this genre, but these are some of the latest big tunes. And if you don't know, this is THE party music of the moment right now in West Africa and the diaspora, and shoot... maybe the world.


Coupé Décalé à La Masala (by Khiasma)
Shaba Kahamba et Les Esprits Saints - Naweyi
Dj Arafat Duo avec Debordeaux - Kpangor
Ronaldo r9 - Taille Basse
Kedjevara - Tchoukou Tchoukou
Tiesco - Vatou Boucheb
Oxxy Norgy - Corriger Corriger
Arafat ft Alibi Montana & Anofela - On aime trop ça
Kedjevara - Travail de Nuit
Dj Bonano - Retour
? - Soukous Tonic
Dj Amorim - Bom Pa Filme (remix)

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