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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Musical Inheritances

I was sitting in a studio the other day and the engineer was playing a hip hop tune that sounded like it came from a kid sitting in a living room with his parent's collection of Motown LP's. I instantly recognized the musical voice of J Dilla. It was his work on projects like Donuts that really painted for me his ability to dissect a song and make it more than just a hip hop beat, but a look into how we are all functioning as post modern cultural producers. This was more than chopping up a song that you dig out of a record store crate. This was chopping up your ancestry. Here is a track I got awhile back at, reworking a James Brown classic.

This is Dilla's World-J Dilla (Direct Download)

Dilla's name instantly rang out in my head when I heard Koffi Gnato (the Bété Cratedigger) via his myspace. His chopping of African LP's from the 70's instantly reminded me of J Dilla's experiments with American Funk and Soul. I'm particularly feelin' Poisson Aromatise.

From his page he says, "This is about the record collection my father left me. This is about cutting and choppin then editing it so you can hear with a hip hop flava those psyche sounds of zaïre, senegal and more. This is memories. All about music and love."

I'm excited to see what he comes up with on the production tip in the future. Check out DJ Mixes at the label Palm Wine Records based in Lyon, France.


SdC said...

Once again tx for lettin' me know that guys from hometown do such great things

Boima said...

Inspired town it must be!

SdC said...

yeah must be!!