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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rapido! Ahorita!

When it comes to the the shear innovative riddims of the Caribbean, it don't get much more tropical than Dominican republics' Speed merengue. I heard this stuff booming everywhere in Central America, there's even loads of remixes of rap tunes blended with bachata guitar samples and raved up salsa horns which sound truly fresh in the afternoon sun. Its like a cup of coffee for you ears (probably with bit of rum in it).

Murkles just sent us his sweet new mix.

He says

"Hard digi riddims started coming out of the Dominican republic in the mid 90’s and hadn”t really crossed over outside the Dominican diaspora since, but mad decent’s new signing Maluca got some kind of 8-bit SM vibes going on. Tropical bass jams to blow your sunny summer, Here’s 40 minutes of hyperspeed badness for you…."

Murkles - Speed Merengue Mix

and Maluca's Diplo produced new single which I'm definitely feeling.

and if you missed this one I posted a few weeks ago, get Moreno Negron's badman anthem

MP3 Moreno Negron - Chichorizo (mediafire)

live on Dominican TV

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DNMTN said...

Hey, believe it or not, but that Lil Jon remix is actually an official remix, it was released on a TVT 12" and everything. (Produced by Lil Jon & the Diaz Brothers)

Killer tune, glad to see it get some shine!