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Monday, April 27, 2009

Omar Souleyman's Syrian TeKnO

Omar Souleyman makes the kind of street records I love, if this Syrian Folk-Pop isn't 'ethnotechno', I don't know what is. He's already put out 500 cassettes in Syria and is playing at Sonar this year. I know little about Middle Eastern music at the best of times but I can hear that his jams have an unmistakable rough grimey edge that make it almost thugged out Syrian party music. and it is party music. The clattering electronic beats almost remind me of sped up reggaeton dem bow riddims combined with unrelenting hyperspeed mantralike keyboards. His vocals are a stream of conciousness Cutty Ranks-esque freestyle flow apparently called mawal singing. Feel the weight..

The awesome Sublime Frequencies label are re-releasing a compilation of his best work from 1994-2006. And the big news is (for UK peoples) is that you can catch him on a UK tour this May.


Mr Tear said...

The Sublime Frequencies compilation is a monster...I'd love it if someone were to post some of his cassettes.

Vamanos said...

Me too. Prolly out there somewhere.

Petrockstar said...

you can probably pick some up at your local middle eastern foods store. i once got a dabke compilation in bay ridge, brooklyn, with a song of his on it. everybody at the store knew who i was talking about on account of his unmistakable mustache-kaffiyeh-and-sunglasses getup.