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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why Don't You Believe Me?

Bay Area DJ, Aebl Dee and I are starting a new weekly night in Oakland called Descendants United.  Our first night will be on Thursday May 28th, at Luka's Tap Room, and will be featuring a special guest... more info later.

Aebl recently spent some time in Dominica and brought up to me their local Carnaval music Bouyon.  I'm a sucker for Carnaval music, so I had to point to the two biggest bands out of Dominica Triple Kay International, and WCK.

Both bands mix Bouyon with other caribbean styles, and Triple Kay has one track that includes Lil Wayne's A Millie.  Aebl showed me a video of them gettin' hype til 7am (as all proper African diaspora parties should.)

That also reminds me that I've been meaning to post some remixes by the prolific Tim Turbo, who regularly produces mixes at Seen site and was putting great mixes up at Cyan Wait before.  He did a beautiful version of "Me Neva Believe U..."  The 80's ballad sounding tune by Mavado, that made me sentimental and want to cry...  I mean be tough and manly and gangster just like Mavado.

Here is my absolute all time favorite Tim Turbo remix, a mix of "Flashing Lights" by Kanye West and a tune by WCK, the Bouyon group.  This STAYS in my virtual crate!

And Bay Area, CA folks, keep a look out for more info on Descendants United!


Marflix said...

wow.. that WCK remix is kinda old-school. where did u find it?

the original WCK tune was released by Moonblast/Faluma

Boima said...

I found it awhile back at Cyan Wait, Seen?