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Saturday, April 04, 2009

You're a Jerk!

We started a music production club at the high school I work at in San Francisco, and the youth are doing some pretty impressive work. Hopefully when we polish some of it up, I'll be able to share it.

The other day when I was just passing by our "studio" I heard this banging beat and what sounded like to me Steve Urkel saying, "Do the Jerk" or "You a Jerk," and one of the kids doing a... yes Jerking dance. I went to one of the students and meekly asked, "what's this?" Meaning to go and research this Jerk, I never got around to it, but thanks to Noz at Cocaine Blunts, its details have been illuminated and come to find out, surprise, surprise, it's a movement! And not just that, a movement inspired by Bay Area faves D-Lo and Sleepy D.

A Noz sponsored Jerkin download kit here: Download

I'm old. I know this cause I played the Stanky Leg at our assembly on Wednesday. And while the crowd went wild and a bunch of kids jumped on stage to stank their best leg, I'm now wishing I would have had The Jerk at my disposal to observe the ensuing mayhem. By the way, as Noz observes, my current batch of youth love and (weirdly for me) look up to The Pack, who are now I think in their early 20's. I am 28.

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