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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alien Vocal Wars: Panama Vs Nigeria

I'm watching Duffy on MTV playing a live concert in Europe someplace. The sound is off. Even the crowd look bored. I'm bored!

So I was thinking about crazy vocals. The autotune is kinda tired but there are some tracks out there that take it to another level.

From Panama Cocoman's 'El Marciano' (The martian) has both high AND low alien vocals. It's a bizarre proto-Reggaeton track that I'm told was was pretty massive all over Latin America back in the day (early 90s).

Cocoman - El Marciano

Big with Peruvian clown fellers apparently.


Nigeria. I picked this cd up in a London market from a guy selling cds called Nigerian Vybz vol.1-8. I don't know much about X-Project but they make coupe decale style bangers from Lagos like this. The alien voice only happens on one verse. Played by a dwarf in in the video.

X-Project - Lorile


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