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Friday, May 29, 2009

Calypso Clappers

Chief Boima has done it again. Not content with blowing our minds with his Descendants United mix for The Fader he has made a freakin awesome Calypso reggae meltdown over at our US buds Green Owl. If this doesn't get your summer BBQ going then all your friends secretly hate you.

Chief Boima - Ghetto Bassquake Vs Green Owl Calypso Mix


nikkos said...

Is this available for download? I hope so!

DaveX said...

View the page source at the Green Owl site to find the direct link for the mp3 they have streaming. You can download it in that manner. Helps, if you want to listen to it a little later, or when you're AFK.

Joelseph said...

If they are smart enough to hide the file in the source you can use Safari's activity window to find the source and grab it. Works great for stuff like, they even stream their stuff in 320!