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Monday, May 11, 2009

Coast 2 Coast

After my trip to Nicaragua I realized that I also had some music from the Caribbean coast which is totally different to the stuff on my Volcanics mix..

Nicaragua's Caribbean coast is one of the few parts of Latin America where English is spoken. The Nicaragua Creoles that live there are descendants of Jamaicans, fishermen, pirates, and indigenous people. The music is really close Jamaican Mento music with a bit of reggae, steel pan and cumbia thrown in. One of the most 'Tropical' sounds I've ever heard.

The people in Bluefields city make Coast music or Palo de Mayo (may pole) which is proper street party carnival riddims.

The biggest band is Dimension Costeña who do these awesome 8 minute high speed ass shaking jams like this one.

Dimension Costeña-Fiebre Costen`a (mediafire)

Here's a dance demonstration by Stacy. Holy shit!

The Bluefields sound system are dedicated to preserving Coast music with their Nicaraguan reggae jams. They've made a cool little film about that sound.


Squeezyboy said...

Fascinating and great music too. I've spent ages reading all about it on Wikipedia, listening to Dimension Costena on myspace, following the links etc. Delighted to see the occasional accordion there too.

Bendude / Benoit Liard said...

This is really nice music my friend. Thinking about to visit the country! :)

Soul Cocina said...

Thanks for this great post. I've always been interested in the Caribbean creole culture of Centroamerica. Ghetto Bassquake continues to school me and keep the interest alive. I'm gonna search my records and MP3s for some burried treasures and scan the internets for more. That Bluefields Soundsystem video is super nice. "I don't know what the hell the monkey can't do"

Vamanos said...

Ben - Hit me up if you ever want any info.

Chef n squeezyboy- Cheers for the comments, glad U feelin it.