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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ghetto Bass Screening Room: Nollywood > Hollywood

If I remember to, I will try to post a feature length movie trailer once a week here... or remind Vamanos to post one. I was thinking only Nollywood, but there are plenty of industries out there that could use some attention. I studied film and video in college (um... Uni?) and was kind of bored by the focus on the U.S. and European film industries. I really wanted to study Latin American film, but the advisor in the department basically told me, "we don't do that here." Now that the Nollywood has passed Hollywood for 2nd place in number of movies made per year, it's a perfect time for me to get my revenge!!!*

For now I'm going to keep with the Naija theme: "Twin Brothers, Every parent must watch this!" And the announcer gets the award for most out of breath performance.

*What she actually said was, "we don't do 'ethnic' here."

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