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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I've made it no secret my love for Lusophone music, especially from Africa and the diaspora. Watch this great video at the Red Bull Music Video Archive for a brief rundown.

The compilation Comfusões is like a physical manifestation of the dreams in that video. It was put together by Maurício Pacheco and Outhere Records, a label based in Germany who have released some great albums the past few years. This one is a remix project that takes classic Angolan voices like my favorite, Bonga, and makes some nice hip hop and dance tracks at the hands of various Brazilian producers like DJ Dolores.

Bonga-Kapakiao (Kassin & Berna Ceppas RMX) (Direct Download)

Also on the Angolan front, updates from Benjamin at Akwaaba are still coming via Twitter. Kuduro videos, and tracks, and announcements about upcoming releases, and meetings with Paulo Flores, keep em' coming Benjamin!

On a final tangent, here is a video that was posted on Comfusões' myspace page, by an Angolan rapper, Gastevil, that uses my second favorite Young Buck instrumental (click here for my number one.) Get Buck!

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