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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Colombian Trigger Pad Killers

Pic: Vamanos Flickr

We've been letting you down hard by not posting any Champeta. What The Fuck. It's summer, you need something to listen to while burning those sausages on the BBQ, swigging ale and annoying your neighbours.

Champeta is from Colombia's northern caribbean coast, cities like Barranquilla, Santa Marta and Cartagena. Like a sweet tropical cocktail of African zouk and Brazilian baile funk, which figures as much of the population of that part of Colombia is of African descent and Brazil is next door. Champeta is mostly now made on samplers and MPCs. What I like about the whole scene is that its got that an element of the JA soundsystem war. But you win, not by audio volume, but who got the hottest gear.

YeYe DJ is a big dog in the game. Love the crazy sample overload in his tracks.

YeYe DJ - El Vacilon del Mike

This one isn't actually from colombia but it damn sounds like it. Kinky Electric Noise says he makes "Campesino and costeƱo music for the ghetto fabulous". He just sent me his latest track. Miami Hold Tight.

Kinky Electric Noise - El Gozon (Electro Champeta Remix)


Miksmaster Luguber said...

Even thouth these countries have a shared border in the amazonas region, Kingston is much nearer to Cartagena and "Curramba" than what Rio is.. So don't jump on too easy conclusions here..

Anyone interested in knowing what the champeta music is coming from should follow the africolombia blog:

Check out Lizandro Meza's accordeon lead cover of Fela Kuti..

Miksmaster Luguber said...

Even though that Colombia and Brazil share a common border (in the Amazon region), Kingston is by far much nearer to Cartagena and "Curramba" than what Rio is, not that it means anything off course.

Anyone interrested in champeta and in what it comes from should check out this excellent blog:

check out one of the legends in cumbia and vallenatos music, Lizandro Meza doing a cover of Fela Kuti with accordeon.