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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Data Collector

This Thursday we got Juan Data guesting for Descendants United at Luka's Taproom, 2221 Broadway in Oakland.

In celebration I'm posting this dark cumbia by the man by the dam, Sonido del Principe, a remix of Night by Benga & Coki. The Geenus remix of this made its way into my Calypso mix, definitely a favorite track of mine.

Night (Sonido del Principe Remix)-Benga & Coki (Direct Download)

You can get one of Juan's mixes over at Sonido's place Generation Bass, which is kind of like our sister site. We really tryin' to connect the dots here!

A little more info on Juan Data:

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, DJ Juan Data was an underground journalist deeply involved in the local hip-hop scene. In 2001 moved to California and with his first paycheck bought a couple of turntables. For two years he played in many venues of Los Angeles before or in between acts during rock en espaƱol concerts. In 2003 moved to the Mission District in San Francisco and since then he has been DJing all over the city in latin and world music parties. Among his many eclectic influences are: Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Krush, Felix da Housecat, Toy Selectah, Cut Chemist, The KLF and all the 1988/1992 wave of sample-heavy hip-hop and house artists. Besides DJing he still freelances as a music journalist for several publications and may or may not have been involved in porn.

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