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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Descendants Diaspora Meet in Oakland

This week's Thursday at Luka's in Oakland, we're calling all South Asian Descendants to Descendants United. As our guest this week, DJ Anjali put it, "African Diaspora meets Desi Diaspora."

With a name like Gitanjali (song offering) you’d think she was born to play records… Made in India, born in Oregon & raised like a gypsy, DJ Anjali is Portland, Oregon's primary advocate (and dance missionary) for the many varied electronic sounds of the South Asian diaspora, from UK Bhangra and Bollywood to Desi beats. Well known as a dancefloor instigator she is equally confident throwing down grime, hiphop & ragga/dancehall.

Below's a mash up by DJ RajStar that blows my mind. You can read about it in context at the great Ghetto Palms column.

RajStar-Jai Hov (Direct Download)

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