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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Funana In Your Face

Cape Verde's accordion hyperspeed Funana Island sickness has been getting a lot of airtime here. Regulars at Secousse will know its a big sound right now. Radioclit have done a juggernaut of a mix for our excellent french buds Corporate Bloggin blending breakneck Funana riddims with soca, grime, juke, bubu, speed merengue and all manner of fastness.

Git It

Radioclit - Fu (Na Na Na) Mix (Direct Download)

Sabi Dimas - Xibioti e Sousa
Janka Nabay - Eh Congo (Radioclit Edit)
Uproot Andy - La Camisola
Raiss Di Funana - Nho Fifi
Naty Kid - Sereia
Pitbull feat Machel Montano & Lil Jon - Floor On Fire
Ricky T - Pressure Boom
Kidy - Apoia Tradisom (Radioclit Edit)
Skepta - Stageshow Rhythm
Ize - Tronku Di Mundo
Wiley - Sorry Sorry Pardon What (Radioclit Edit)
DJ Vielo - Decale Mon Afrique
DJ Gant Man - Boricua Juke
Maluca - El Tigeraso
Marius - Senhora De Luz
Tony Allen - Fuji Ouija (Diplo Remix)

And on the funana tip, this is my favourite jam that I've been listening to everyday for the past month which always makes me want to lose my shit. Don't know much about Duda other than her track has been produced by the AMAZING Normal Nada who also make kuduro.

Duda-Dja Txiga Nha Bes (mediafire)

Actually I'm not done yet. This one is amazing too.


Dave Quam said...

thanks for the duda mp3, I have been jamming that video like everyday too but never had the file.

Vamanos said...

Its a big track. Yeah i saw U posted the video. Nice one.

Dave Quam said...

you seen this one?

Toxik Kargoll said...

Thanks!! Just blogged it. Added some information about Funana, might interest you

GGP said...

Totally divine! luv it