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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Omar Souleyman

I'm still blown away by the Omar Souleyman show. At the side of the stage were two guys, occasionally filming the gig who started dancing. I managed to film this piece of footage just as they moved onto the stage. I'm still not sure if they were actually part of the show or just fans. I also filmed a bit of 'Leh Jani'.


Mr Tear said...

Yes, yes y'all! Glad to see the London crowd got into the spirit of things. Saw the Brighton show and was pleased to see plenty of dancing. Loved Group Doueh's rough desert blues too though they could have done with more clapping from the crowd (they have no drumkit and the clapping provides the backbeat).

Vamanos said...

Yeah people were raving hard :0) Both bands KILLED IT.