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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ghetto Bassquake in your Neighborhood

The dates are here! Vamanos and I are hitting the road to bring you the music real time ¡en vivo! The first show begins on Thursday, where I have the privileged chance to play Que Bajo with Geko Jones, Uproot Andy, and some other special guests.

There will be some other surprise dates and locations popping up, so keep an eye out. We'll be posting all the relevant flyers here!

Here are the dates (if you can't read the flyer above):

July 9th: Chief Boima @ Que Bajo, APT (New York) w/ Geko Jones, Uproot Andy, Grant & More
July 11th: Ghettobassquake Soundsystem @ The High Life, Sodra Teatern (Stockholm) w/ Seb & Anna
July 18th: Chief Boima @ Club Nile (Stockholm)
July 25th: Vamanos in Brooklyn (Location TBA)
July 30th: Chief Boima @ Mama Berlin (Berlin) w/ Zhao, Peronistas & The Cumbia Cosmonauts
July 31st: Chief Boima @ Generation Bass (Tilburg) w/ Sonido del Principe
August 1st: Ghettobassquake Soundsystem (Paris)
August 7th: Ghettobassquake Soundsystem @ Secousse (London)
August 8th: Ghettobassquake Tropical Party (Location TBA)
August 21st: Vamanos @ Lowlands Festival (Netherlands) w/ Sonido del Principe, Peronistas & The Cumbia Cosmonauts


ripley said...

looks like fun!

Also AMAZING poster!! really beautiful!

Dave Quam said...

too bad yall ain't coming to Chicago, but ether way I'm sure you guys will kill every city.

Vamanos said...

Yeah I would love to head out that way some day. cheers Dave.

Palmito said...

Woop! Post an update when you know where in Paris!

Palmito said...

P.S. I used to live not far from Luka's - Erick (Santero) is an old friend. ;-) Hope to catch you in the city of the lights.