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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Busy (Bay Area) Weekend

Gotta start it off with this one, in honor of a busy weekend. Mr. Ghislain on a hotta hotta remix:

Busy Signal-Cool Baby (Poirier Remix)

The weekend starts Thursday (August 27th) with Descendants United and the video premier party for Oaklander Ise Lyfe's single "Thighbone" feat. Oaklanders Zion I. Aebl Dee and I as always on the tunes.

Then on Friday (August 28th) Benjamin of Akwaaba will be the special guest alongside myself and DJ Marco at Little Baobab. Check out this new mix that Benjamin posted by DJ Mpula of Lisboa.

Fazuma vs. Akwaaba Mix (Direct Link)

Lastly, most certainly not the least, on Saturday (August 29th) Maga Bo will be in town playing at Arthouse Gallery in San Francisco for the Capoeira Sul Da Bahia fundraiser party, going from 9pm to 2am. This should be a really great event, with Maga Bo playin for the Brazil minded folks of the Bay Area.

See you all in the weekend!

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