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Monday, August 17, 2009

Gant-Man In Ze Mix

Chicago's DJ Gant-Man gives a sweet lesson in that hard ass juke music that everyone can learn from. Chopping up his own slamming remixes from Maluca to Young Money & L'il Wayne the only way Gant-Man do. Nothing less than a freakin' juke Legend dammit.

DJ Gant-Man - Juke Mix (Direct download)

(via Bang Tha Box Recordings)


Dave Quam said...

shit i still haven't listened to this one, just found out about the BTB mixes the other day. So far they are rad, and Gant Man is awesome.

You seen this new short doc on chicago house? Some gant man interviews that are cool, but the rest of the house music coverage is kinda lame and they don't cover really anyone from the south side. Or maybe its just that Juke music/ghetto house is the only Chicago House that I care about in present times.

Vamanos said...

Yeah gotta agree with you there. Cool to see Gant-man in the film.

dubbel dutch said...

wanted to check this out but the link looks dead.