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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Let's Blow Bubbles

I love Bubbling, and the homies in LA Nguzunguzu do too! They did this nice remix of DJ Master D's track Mad Drumz, a fun one I've been playing out often this summer.

For folks confused by all the bubble talk, Bubbling is a dutch hybrid of sped up dancehall reggae(ton) breaks and hyper euro house, infused with Suriname and Turkish, and whatever homeland kids in the Lowlands rep traditional styles. Some Dutch people wince when you mention Bubbling. I can't get enough of it!

DJ Master D-Mad Drumz (Nguzunguzu Refix)


The Crooked Clef said...

Thanks, as always, for that real exclusive bizness Boima!

Dave Quam said...

a pretty perfect re-edit to my ears.

who else would you recommend in the world of bubbling? I sorta wasn't feeling it until I heard Master D. The mad decent mix is pretty good i guess

Boima said...

I like DJ Chuckie, there's some really good stuff out there, like this one:

Miksmaster Luguber said...

Try to get hold of the DJ Maniak remix of "The Launch" by DJ Jean. I detest the de-funked original (made for people with stiff hips)
but I love the remix. (with some chipmunkey Shabba Rank thrown in)