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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Luanda Lords

Ghetto bassquake loves kuduro in case you haven't noticed. A good day! Earlier this year Akwaaba Records flew from their base in the US to Angola with a mission to compile a kuduro record. Not an easy feat. The result is out now to buy at itunes with revenue going direct to the artists. As they say.. "The sound is grimy and raw, just as you'd hear it in Luanda. Akwaaba Sem Transporte, Akwaaba without transportation".

Download the whole album @320 on itunes by entering Akwaaba sem Transporte.

Here is a banger off the album

Killamu - Tiramakossa (remix) (mediafire)

Check out the facebook page .

They shot this cool video of kids dancing kuduro style in the streets of Sambizanga. The guy in the pink and blue T-shirt is Na Grelha from the fierce Os Lambas

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Anonymous said...

Impressive, really.
Nice vid.