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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Salone and US

Back in the states, off the beach, and back on the Internet.

I've been keeping track of all things Salone for awhile, and am real excited about the new mixtape by Bajah & The Dry Yai Crew. I played one of their tunes when Vamanos and I did the Diesel U radio show (download soon come), but thought about just playing the whole thing start to finish. They integrate many styles and have obviously been influenced by their time in NY, even using a Ricky Blaze instrumental. They are truly repping Salone for the East Coast, where the majority of Sierra Leoneans in the US are living, and I heard are really running it at the diaspora events out there.

Keeping it on the East Coast, D.C. hero Wale, who is also of West African (Nigerian) heritage jumps on a track by Sierra Leonean Bunny Mack, and talks about growing up going to African parties in the DC area. I was at those!

Bajah is also on the new K'naan mixtape, I'm really excited for the increased exposure and potential success. If you'd like to hear some of the Dri Yai crew's music from a few years ago, from while they were still in Sierra Leone, check out my mixtape Diamonds from Sierra Leone.

And We Own TV has begun. Last night Lamin and I were talking about representation and voice in the arts and entertainment industry, and I think this is a great example of an even balanced exchange between the US and Africa. Check out their website to see all the updates.


Dave Quam said...

dude that Sierra Leone mix is great!

Boima said...

Thx once again Dave!