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Friday, August 28, 2009

Wining Season

My best weekend of the summer. If you've ever been before, you'll know there is a special vibe in that end of London that you don't get anywhere in the world. Back in the day, 97 I think, I was lucky enough to catch Mr. Vegas, Sean Paul, Elephant Man, Lady Saw, Wayne Marshall & Lexus all on the Westood stage. Sean Paul was new and smashed it with Infiltrate, all the girls went nuts for Lexus. Then I remember trying to climb over a high fence and slicing my back up - Ah, Happy days. This sunday night I'm massively stoked to be playing at an after party carnival. Its gonna be rad and def. Come and hear carnival classics old and new at the Secousse Carnival Special.

You'll hear some bigguns like these..

Machel Montano ft. Busy Signal - Push Bumpa (Mediafire)

The Very Best - Warm Heart of Africa (So Shifty remix) (Direct Download)


Dave Quam said...

I had been looking for that montano and busy track for a minute, thanks! Also, that picture is a trip.

Dave Quam said...

Also, why is the London Carnival in August?

Vamanos said...

Cheers Dave. The last weekend of August is a bank holiday, a lot people have Monday off work. Carnival is on Sunday and Monday every year. August is supposed to be the hottest month here.