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Sunday, September 20, 2009


If you checked Portugal's DJ Mpula that Boima posted, your probably gonna like this.

Mpula and his crew run a great radio show, Fazuma dropping kuduro, kwaito, Zouk, Baile funk etc..reaching out to Portugal and some African lusopone counties.

They are also producing and remixing some amazing tracks under the name BATIDA

They told me..

"Batida is also the name of a lot of the pirate compilations that circulate through the streets of Luanda. New ones come out every day, directly from the Musseke (ghetto) into the hands of all the Kandongueiros (Taxis), which is the main form of public transportation. These compilations are mainly dedicated to Kuduro and to Kizomba, which show, more than the actual radio, the sound that is pumping on the streets. The Batida compilations are key in promoting any artist."

Cannot wait to hear their album, sampling 60s & 70s Angolan tracks from the historic Valentim Carvalho Luanda recordings catalogue. The tracks also feature new school Angolan MCs like this amazing one which was featured on Andy & Geko's recent cracker of a Ghetto Palms mix. Jaunty kuduro for the end of summer.

Batida - Cuka

Download it here or here

or buy the cd here


theComplex said...

Thanks for putting me on! I look forward to more music from Batida.

benjamin said...

I loooove the album, there are a couple other tracks from it in the dj set mpula did for us, i posted about it on our site:

RobertJ said...

Any playlists available for the radio show?