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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Carnival Smoke Signals

The smell of that BBQ jerk at Notting Hill carnival made me want to wolf down 8 portions there and then like crazed starving pig. I didn't sadly but took some photos instead on my phone.

Carnival season keeps it moving with our favourite bass commanders, The Heatwave who continue their relentless bashment grind with a great mix of The Message Is Love - In my opinion, better than the original. Love the way they slowed it down into a heavy bashment refix that only lets up for the old school hardcore style breakdown. In fact I swear I hear a Ragga Twins sample in there.

Silverlink ft. Jammer & Badness - The Message Is Love (The Heatwave remix)

Buy it and the other remixes here.

1 comment:

Gabriel Heatwave said...

good spot, that is indeed a Ragga Twins Heatwave drop!