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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Coupe Decale!!! vs. Que Bajo?!

This Saturday, September 19th in San Francisco at the Baobab Village will be a party called Coupe Decale, with special guests, New York representatives Uproot Andy and Geko Jones, and Paris representative Maïmouna Coulibaly.

It's a combined party, with one cover for two places.

Little Baobab will be the sounds of Latino New York with Andy and Geko, bringing their Que Bajo party across the Americas from New York to San Francisco to Buenos Aires. I'll join them there. Be sure to check out their tour mix at Ghetto Palms, and Andy has also offered up for download the first track in that mix.

Etelvina Maldonado-Manuelita (Que Bajo Remix)

Maïmouna dances and teaches dance in Paris all the popular styles of French African youth, Dancehall, Coupe Decale, Ndombolo and Kuduro. Repping the Parisian projects in the suburbs, she has written a play to take her experiences on to the stage, incorporating the dances she learned growing up. She will be doing a dance performance at Le Petit Barbes along side the Baobab DJ's Marco, Stevie B, and Alfie1Bateria.

I will also be djing for her this Thursday, September 17th at the MOAD for an interactive presentation. Check the video, Maïmouna is in the middle.

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justin said...

Little Baobab was smokin' this Saturday! Awesome dancing, great people, good spirit. Fantastic!