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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

EL-B Ghetto Bassquake Salsa Mix

You know El-B right? Legendary UK garage producer, influence on early dubstep, inspiration to some guy called Burial and lover of all things Latin.

Check what he said in his recent interview in The Wire

"I go to these Latino raves by myself - they think I'm fucking crazy, like "what's that white boy doing over there?" just skanking out in the corner, but they know my face, they know my babymother. I think it's the best music in the world but i keep it to myself."

Well he's no longer keeping it to himself, here we have an exclusive Ghetto Bassquake mix of all of his favourite Salsa tunes. Check the mix below, I'm just waiting on the tracklist so we should have it soon

He's also started producing tunes that are influenced by Colombia, buy his recent split 12" with Rossi B and Luca here, which features the awesome tune Son De Cali.



looj said...

great mix. would love a tracklist if you end up getting one.

Miksmaster Luguber said...

I hear some Joe Arroyo in there anyways.

funkforward said...

it's great to see people from the "cutting edge" scene showing their love and respect for the good old shit.


fruko said...

i asked Lewis (El-B) for one but i dunno if i'll get it as he's a crazily busy man

Anonymous said...

yup EL-B does it well and the mix is fresh... If you like classic salsa sounds from Colombia y Caribe and ting check DJ LosRoc's Classic mix here :

looj said...

understand about the worries if you can't get one.

however, if someone could identify the song that ends the mix, which starts around 41:30, that would be fantastic. love the horns and strings on that track. it is so familiar but i can't place it.

Amadou Moctar said...

The last song is "Periodico de Ayer" by Hector Lavoe...A true classic!!!

djreaganomics said...

amazing. i listen to this over and over. El B has a new fan. who know the name of the first one?