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Monday, September 07, 2009

Ghetto Bassquake on Diesel U Music radio

A few weeks ago, when Boima was in London we got the chance to do a show on Diesel U Music radio. This is the second half with less chat and more music.

Ghetto Bassquake on Diesel U Music Radio (Direct Download)

The Very Best - Julia


Busy Signal - Like A Shaker (Shake Shake)
Uproot Andy - Smooth Criminal RMX
Banda el Mexicano - No Bailes de Caballito
Busy Signal ft Rubi Dan - Tic Toc
Luky Gomes - (Baka) Zeze e Toto Kuduro Mix
DJ Znobia & Come Todas - Mete Nojo
DJ Amorim - Os Angolas
IVM - Batida Mix / DJ DĂș Marcel - Tribal Sound
Nelo & Djoza - Rabentola


Didier Awadi-Zamouna
YV-Own Step (Chief Boima Remix)
Zakee Kuduro ft. Anbuley-Sane Eba
Casper-Cha Cha Slide (Kuduro Remix)
The Outhere Brothers-Pass the Toilet Paper
Chelly-Took The Night
Akatoto-Dans le Tempo (DJ Click Remix)
Nina Sky-Turnin' Me On
Soukous Stars-Nairobi Night (Chief Boima Remix)
Mr. V-Put Your Drink Down (Big Space Remix)
Mzee feat. Candy Nurse-Mahuwelele (Manoo Remix)
DJ Cleo ft. DJ What What-Bloemfontein Funk
Unknown Artist-Pump It Up (Kuduro Remix)
Marlon D -Jesus Creates Sound (Main Mix)
Flamzy-Faroter feat. Joskar
Afro National-Graunkalay

Toby Love feat. Omega-Tu No Ta Pa Mi (Remix)


We also got to play a couple of parties which were crazy fun.

Secousse that night was a banger.

Musicalia was awesome the next night. Shout out to our superhost, Isa GT.

A hectic weekend. But awesome.

And if you've read the post below you'll see we've got a new writer in the on the blog. Fruko knows lots about great music and we're psyched he's going to be dropping the goodness here with me and Chief Boima. Bring the pain!!!


Dave Quam said...

looking forward to hearing this.

Boima said...

There's a couple making out on the couch in the back of the first picture! That's what we play, Make out music!

harrit said...


This is the first time I’ve read about this. I keep learning new things everyday!