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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mambo Peligroso en la Calle

Today some brain warping Mambo/Merengue de calle/Merengueton (Wot U call It ? - Very fast amazing Dominican rap business. If you're feeling Omega, Moreno Negron and that kind of thing, you're gonna love Berto Lokkera who lives in Spain.

This is monster.

El Mambo De La Lokkera (BertoLokkera Jorge & Baketa) - La Escuela Del Chavo

Berto has one of these mysterious but amazingly fruitful DJ sites that are there one day and disappear the next. Berto's has a tonne of amazing music. Get it while its hot out the kitchen and still around - remixes & his own beats.

Berto Lokkera

At the Secousse carnival party (Pics) I Dj'd for lady Maluca and people were freaking for her merengue riddims. She smashed it.

London is doing it too. Look out for Secousse mates Murkules and Sumsin who are blending hyperspeed merengue with soca and funky- En la calle. Literally. Sumsin wheels out his mini BarrowBass soundsystem at night for outdoor raves poppin up around the capital in random parks and alleyways.

Sumsin's Socamerenguetek mix.

Socasummerengue by sumsin


Mr Tear said...

Wow. Sumsin is rockin' my house. Where do I find out about these parties???

Vamanos said...

Hit him up on myspace.